Indie Princess: Kimbette Fenol

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Angelic and sexy KIMBETTE FENOL possesses the sassy factor to enliven things up both on and off set. This Filipino/Chinese/Portuguese babe who hails from Boston has been on both sides of the camera, steadily enhancing her craft. Active in a host of independent films, she’s about to excite viewers in “Early Grave”, a dark tale of vengeance. Early signs point to a film that’s generating buzz and could very well be the rise of KIMBETTE as a terror hottie. In fact, she has opened up about making her mark as a Scream Queen!

At the KIMBETTE FENOL OFFICIAL SITE, remember to read up on her and keep up with future updates. Known as having an invigorating dynamism akin to a real “pistol” which eclectic “Donnie Darko” director Richard Kelly so affectionately bestowed upon her, there’s a lot to love about KIMBETTE. She recently acted in a short for the Boston 48 hour film fest where she was battered and bruised for the most part, maintaining the believability of a tortured women in every frame. There’s no better time to give a shout to this exotic beauty who has bags of talent to fulfill her potential as a much-loved performer…:)

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