Aussie Vixen: Catherine Terracini

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Plenty of reasons to love the emerging faces from Australia and one sweetheart to dote on is Catherine Terracini. Born in Lake Como Italy, this cutie has made her presence felt in theater, television and film with an eye on the horror genre. Be awed by her appearance in “Wyrmwood” which will gather buzz just as how the long-running hit “The Walking Dead” and the latest zombie incarnation “Z-Nation” have consumed many a horror fan’s viewing pleasure. It’s both an emotional and horrifying trip for her character Annie whose very being is forever changed! Catch a riveting clip of her here: She is expected to be in Austin, Texas for the screening of Wyrmwood at Fantastic Fest 2014 so try to catch a glimpse of this gorgeous actress.

Here’s Catherine talking a whole lot more about the must-see Mad Max-styled Zombie Flick:

“Wyrmwood was just one of the most exciting projects I’ve been involved in. Everyone knows how difficult it is for independent film in Australia to even see the light of day. But the fact that these boy (Kiah and Tristan Roache-Turner) not only wrote, directed, & produced this film on the smell of an oily rag, is pretty much a miracle. All the special effects and makeup involved is huge. And now for us to be premiering at Fantastic Fest in Austin Texas is very exciting. It couldn’t have a better home to open – the biggest genre film festival in the states. They gathered the most dedicated, fun crew I’ve ever worked with. They worked tirelessly, with a huge amount of humour and everyone worked together like a dream.”

Her upcoming project includes a small role on Carl Barron’s first feature “Manny Lewis” which Catherine has said is really quite different to what you’d expect. It’s charming, funny and best of all honest to the core. A sweet reflection of the qualities that Catherine has and will no doubt get her affectionate endearment from us.

Aussie Vixen: Bianca Bradey

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Bianca Bradey is a name on the rise from Down Under and she’s endowed with the innate charm that could soon be rousing the globe. The impending release of “Wyrmwood” which is screening at this year’s Fantastic Fest will have her in our adoring sights. “Wyrmwood” is riding the wave of zombie fanaticism and sees Bianca playing Brooke, the sister of Barry, a skilled mechanic who have their lives torn apart on the eve of a zombie apocalypse. As Brooke, she runs the gamut of what is so great about this sub-genre of horror, from being a kidnap victim to being experimented by a deranged doctor and hatching a plan of escape. But are any of these worse than facing the hordes of flesh eaters on the horizon in the Australian bushland? Of course, she gets to maim some zombie heads and if you catch “Wyrmwood” on Sep 19, we should find out her fate!

In the web series “Starting From Now”, Bianca is one of the dazzlers who so happens to play Emily, a lesbian in and out of love who is part of the rather juicy drama that’s been an online hit. Already into its 3rd Season, the romantic triangles are a tangled mess indeed and may actually trump those of heterosexual relationships. Bianca’s potent lusciousness reminds me of fellow actress Melissa George so much so many would be crushing on her any day of the week. She’s also been racking up roles in several indie features which in our book means many more glimpses of this burgeoning starlet. Bianca is set to be the flavor of many months as she paves her way into our hearts.