Arizona Film Fest 2014 Spotlight: Indie Princess Adriana Mather

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She has the unerring charm that grows on you and Adriana Mather is a beguiling talent who is her way to avid recognition. For those with an affinity for desirable raven-haired cuties in the vein of Krysten Ritter or Jessica Lowndes, make Adriana your passion too. Besides rocking the dark mascara, she is thoroughly fascinating as leading lady Vera in “Eat Sprit Eat”, a tale of abandonment early in life yet having the tenacity to carry on with the help of acquaintances. As Vera, Adriana is perfect as the woman who is the enchanting foil to the man-child Oliver who has some daddy issues. Besides the striking fashion which includes glimpses of Vera in adorable striped socks, Adriana will connect with viewers as she is infectiously witty and comes across as truly likable. She’s already garnered the “Best Breakout Actress” award at the 2013 AFI Hamptons film festival and the accolades will keep landing on her lap. Expect Adriana to be a scene stealer come the premiere on April 12, 8.15pm at this year’s Arizona Film Fest.

“Eat Spirit Eat” is the compelling feature brought to you by Zombot Pictures, the production company helmed by three friends Writer/Director James Bird, Producer/Actress Adriana Mather and Producer/Composer Anya Remizova. When asked what she does at Zombot Pictures, Adriana responded with astute humor: ‘I act like a producer and produce as an actor’. She’s definitely making waves on both fronts and is subtly having an impact on our captive hearts. Adriana has promised an interview which is always a pleasure and I can’t wait to hear what other juicy info she will unveil…:)

Canadian Vixen: Jennifer Copping


There’s just something magnetic about Canadian actresses and Jennifer Copping has been captivating hearts from the very start. In fact, she’s an award-winning actress, having won the prestigious Leo Award ‘Best Lead Performance by a Female in a Motion Picture’ for “Becoming Redwood”. She essayed Jade with a complexity that showcases her great talent to amaze us on a connective level. The choices she makes for her estranged 11-year old child Redwood will have long term implications and it’s those personal facets of the character which Jennifer assumes with such resonance. In 2014, she’s already guest-starred on two fascinating shows that couldn’t be any more different. First is her role as Matilda in “When Calls The Heart”, the mother to Bo, a boy with learning difficulties whom leading lady Elizabeth Thatcher (Erin Krakow) tries to help. Her performance has been called special thanks to her heartfelt portrayal of a woman with the burden of the world on her shoulders. “Motive” is the second series where she makes an appearance as yet another conflicted character, this time the mother of a teen who has some deadly secrets. Jennifer does thread the full spectrum of emotions as Sara in the face of her family’s dirty laundry being exposed. The episode “Dead End” just aired recently and it’s a must watch in what is another riveting season of “Motive”.

Reticent intensity is what Jennifer has tried to infuse in her roles and hopefully she gets her own show so that viewers can be glued to her week in, week out. As a fan, I’m blessed to be in contact with Jennifer, who should be anointed a star in her own right and I can’t wait to do an online interview with her soon. Sometimes discovering more about an actress by degrees is most rewarding especially when she’s the affable and radiant Jennifer Copping.