Indie Princess: Barbie Castro

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Gracefully captivating would be the very compliment one can bestow on the beautiful Barbie Castro. Known for being an eye-catching actress in South Florida, she’s been impressive on the independent arena. In “Assumed Killer”, she plays Daria Valdez Morrow, a reporter who has amnesia following a car accident. In the aftermath, she begins to suspect her husband Sam (Casper Van Dien) to be a serial killer but could she be wrong? With the release of “Assumed Killer” on Amazon for online streaming and for rent, it’s time to find out if what she suspects is chillingly true! Glad to see she’s in the company of personable actresses I’ve come in contact with namely Christie Lynn Smith and Nancy Stafford. With her bright smile, Barbie herself would inculcate fondness within any viewer and having won numerous awards including BEST ACTRESS IN A SHORT FILM at the New York City International Film Fest, she’s definitely in line for adoration. By the way she’s also the producer on “Assumed Killer” which is another notch on her list of meritable talents.

Come September she will be reunited with her co-star Casper Van Dien in yet another thriller called “Patient Killer” only this time it threads a psychological tone. Could there be a Killer Trilogy in the works which would make it all rather intriguing? What we need is more genuine, interesting faces such as Barbie who can fashion a story with resonance. She kind of strikes me as a wiser version of Nina Dobrev of “The Vampire Diaries” fame with Barbie having that similar dedicated work ethic complimented by her flair as a dramatist.

Sizzling Cutie: Abigail Mason

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It’s such a joy to be in the presence of actress Abigail Mason who has a radiant persona that’s primed for fondness. With the release of the sci-fi thriller “Survivor”, catch her opposite Kevin Sorbo of Hercules fame as the last living humans searching for a hospitable planet. Hot on the heels of a show such as “The 100″, this has similar ingredients of action and fantasy brought about by the challenges of landing on unknown territory. Facing a dangerous enemy, the drama of human desperation to live does capture our imagination. Plus we love to see our women kick ass! Abigail came into prominence at a tender age having delivered a scene-stealing performance in the drama “Saving Sarah Cain”. A tale of culture clash between the modern and the ways of the Amish, the female cast were excellent with Abigail captivating everyone as 16-year old Amish orphan Lyddie. She even went on to win the Grace Award at the 16th annual MovieGuide awards sharing honors with costar Bailee Madison.

Abigail has always been well-received thanks to her ability to take on characters of strength and one of her latest features “Ashes Of Eden” sees her channeling the dark side. She plays Jesse, a drug dealer who may be the catalyst of a troubled soul’s addiction and he happens to be the son of a police officer. We don’t often hear about female pushers and this might prove to be mighty intriguing! And Abigail herself piques our interest because she is the founder of the community site Hey Abigail, the community site which empowers young woman by creating girl’s nights or days. With such a pure spirit and the wondrous talent to succeed, Abigail may just be a dazzler for life…:)