Indie Princess: Jo Mei


If ever there was a time to support Asian faces then the fascinating Jo Mei will be a talent deserving of mention. She plays Yumi, the eccentric girlfriend of John Cusack’s writer Rat Billings in the far-out comedy “Adult World”. As Yumi, she expresses her artistic side in such a memorably unconventional way that has a profound effect on the lead characters. It’s never an easy thing to depict such an off-kilter personality and Jo has shone in a most avant-garde way. Check out her reel (above) for the segment where she enthralls with such kookiness. I have to admit Jo looks gorgeous in comparison to Emma Roberts who of course un-glamored herself for her role as the aspiring poet Amy. If you want to follow an actress who is a little different onscreen, Jo can certainly whip up that interest. Being Asian myself, I’m clamoring for more Asian women to pave their way to success. This year she’s also guest-starred on the hit series “Bones” as Ahn Ni who is a chess player at a tournament sparring with Sweets who is actually canvassing for suspects in a murder case. Jo has also been on another popular TV show “The Good Wife” in a supporting role but gets to ruffles some feathers.

Her next indie feature A Picture of You is screening at CAAM in San Francisco on March 15th & March 19th. She is the leading lady in this one as Jen who together with her brother Kyle who return to the home of their recently deceased mother and discover death is actually the beginning of rebirth. Find out more here: Also keep up with all the latest updates at the JO MEI OFFICIAL SITE.

Sundance Film Fest 2014 Spotlight: Foxy Femme Michelle Azar

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A laudable actress of the stage and screen, Michelle Azar is a striking beauty with a charismatic appeal that’s primed for affection. If you thought Sarah Shahi from “Person of Interest” was hot, Michelle would be regarded just as stunning to look at…:) Another interesting facet of hers is that she’s a certified yoga teacher and she so happens to have an OFFICIAL BLOG where she shares her observations on life. Whether by coincidence or otherwise, Michelle does appear in “Life After Beth”, a tale we now label a zom-com which currently screens at Sundance and will do so this week as well as the next. It’s getting rave reviews for its charming melding of horror and comedy with “Parks and Recreation” starlet Aubrey Plaza slowly devolving into life as a Walking Dead in another re-invention of the addictive zombie genre.

It is Pilot Season and I was happy to have stumbled upon a pilot called “Mystery Girls” which lists Michelle as one of the stars. Early buzz is on the reunion of Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling of Beverly Hills 90210 in what is an intriguing crime solving premise. Michelle herself has guest-starred in an episode of the rebooted “90210” so this will be Michelle aligning herself with the 90210 family only this time in a brand new detective series. She’s already been seen alongside Maria Bello in “Prime Suspect” as well as having stints on hit shows “Bones” and “Community”. Could we see the rise of Michelle in 2014 and for her to figure prominently on television. This enchanting lady certainly deserves our support.