Newport Beach Film Festival 2014 Spotlight: Latin Vixen Carmen Corral

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If ever there was a year of enchanting dazzlers, 2014 would be the year with Carmen Corral being one young lady to be passionate about. This Mexican-American actress has sizzled the pages of Maxim and she will likewise beguile viewers in the short film “Losing Gracie” screening on April 25 at the Newport Beach Film Fest 2014. This stunning cutie is best known for playing Elena, the love interest of Ben Mackenzie on gritty drama series “Southland”. In a most realistic portrayal of a fiery Latina from a troubled neighborhood in vein with the hard-hitting tone of the series, Carmen is a compelling vision. Another reason she’s a gem is the fact that she’s a self-taught professional salsa dancer as well as an accomplished writer. I’ve only just got contacted her and I’m already mesmerized by her beauty, multiple talents and hospitable nature. She has been a picture of kindness, accommodating my requests to answer any questions that I might have.

Here’s Carmen letting us in on her latest projects:

So my role on “Losing Gracie” was very challenging because I had to explore what it would be like to have a very broken relationship with my father. I have a fantastic relationship with my father now, but it wasn’t always so awesome. So the role brought up some old feelings. But as an actor it’s my responsibility to take my real feelings and experiences and transform them to what the character is feeling. I played Nikki the daughter of a father who is going to prison for some white collar crimes he’s committed.

Nikki is of mixed ethnicity, white and Latino. This was the first time I played a non-Latino specific role, which I enjoyed. Acting across from seasoned actor, Michael Bofshever, was really the best part of the whole experience. To act with someone that is so committed and emotionally available and giving is the most an actor can ask for. Also the director, Daniel Hanna, really gave us the space and freedom to play which is always such a blessing.

What is coming up for me in career? I just finished filming a comedic feature called, Restored Me, where I play comedian Gary Owen’s, wife. The film stars, Beau Casper Smart and a bunch of other super talented actors. This was my first comedic role so I really had such a blast with everyone laughing and joking on the sidelines. I did a co-star role on the web series East Los High which was super fun. Got to play a mean girl and since I’m not one in real life, it was a treat. I’m also finishing post production on a short dance film, Clave, that I produced, directed, wrote and starred in. It’s in the hands of a super talented Mexican editor, Mario Sandoval. I will be submitting it to all the major film festivals all over the world.

As you can see, there’s more than enough reasons to be a devotee of the luscious Carmen Corral and it will certainly be for the long haul.

Tribeca Film Festival 2014 Spotlight: Latin Vixen Wanda Nobles Colon

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As Tribeca Fever takes over the planet this week, it’s time to give kudos to the enchanting femmes of the screen such as the lovely Wanda Nobles Colon. With her flair for both dramatic and comedic roles, Wanda is about to be part of something intriguing. With the Tribeca World Premiere of her feature “Five Star: The Movie” on April 17th already sold out, interest is going to be on a high! Part of the illustrious group of 12 films in the world narrative competition, this is a riveting look at gang culture as 2 souls connect and find out the true meaning of manhood. Wanda plays the mom of John, a young man who is under the tutelage by notorious gang member Primo. There’s a blurring of the lines between reality and fiction as Primo is actually part of the crew on the Streets of Brooklyn known as the Bloods! While there’s no trailer yet, the realism adds a hard-hitting edge to the what will be a memorable film.

Known as a dedicated actress, Wanda lit up theater productions such as “The Ritz” and ‘The Rose Tattoo”. Likewise she’s been appealing in films such as “The Color Of Anger” and “The Last Intervention”, threading wonderfully in a host of genres. With her sunny disposition, it’s easy to see why she has the comedic chops. The luscious Wanda does make me want to pack up my bags and fly down to Tribeca to participate in the revelry while watching her onscreen in “Five Star: The Movie”. While there will be a glitterati of starlets such as Scarlett johansson and Mila gracing this year’s Tribeca Film Fest, it’s always a delight to be part of the admiration movement for upcoming gems like Wanda.