Foxy Femme: Natalie Denise Sperl

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Delectable on so many levels, NATALIE DENISE SPERL is an accomplished talent and has proven to be more than just a pretty face. She has lighted up various fashion runways and gracing top magazine such as Esquire and yet has been a mainstay in the Film/Television world. Many regard her as a treasure, an actress who is top notch in both looks and comic timing. NATALIE did have stints on “How I Met Your Mother” and “Two and A Half Men”. And if you’ve seen her in the “2 Girls Kiss! LUCKY JEANS Commercial” (above) which was only aired in the UK, there’s plenty to covet including her desirable body. The NATALIE DENISE SPERL OFFICIAL SITE is a must visit if you need to admire one of the most beautiful woman on our planet.

With a number of appearances in indie films in 2013, NATALIE is set to give us a glimpse of her ever growing sex appeal. After all, she did play a succubus in one of the early features and stole the show! A perfect representation of what it means to exude sexiness, NATALIE is already one of the most tempting actresses of her generation. It’s high time viewers round the world get to appreciate the always enticing raven-haired NATALIE.

Sexy Siren: Gina La Piana

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There’s something about Latin or part-Latin actresses that regularly has us gushing over them and GINA LA PIANA is endowed with an unmistakable magnetism. You must have seen “Colombiana” like I did recently whereby Zoe Saldana was all highly-charged raciness. Then I came across GINA with her foxy mix of Italian, Spanish and Puerto Rican and I was equally hooked. Her arresting Latin-European looks and delectable curves provoking a different kind of fascination as opposed to the slinky hotness of Zoe. When Esquire comes calling for a photo shoot, it’s no surprise that GINA is ranked as one of the sexiest women alive joining the illustrious company of Katrina Bowden and Minka Alley before her. Even though rumors still abound that she had a ‘lesbian tryst in the shower’ scene in the gripping thriller “30 Days To Die”, she did shed a little of her Sex Bomb image as tough chick Sophia and going toe-to-toe with a George Bush masked killer.

She does however get involved in some sexy high-jinks in her upcoming film “Black Widow”, a tale of massage and murder with Jennifer O’Dell, Rachel Hunter, Janine Turner and Joanna Pacula rounding off a delicious cast. GINA has also provided the sizzle on various hit TV shows, most notably as a chef opposite Mr Mentalist Simon Baker. Affectionately described as the Jenna Jameson of electronica, she’s also a singer/songwriter with a melodiously, powerful voice and one who believes strongly in originality. Unafraid to take on vividly stirring aspects in both music and film, from the dark to the colorful, Gina endeavors to entertain us on all forms of media. Not only is she divine from head to toe, she’s a deeply talented soul through and through.