Rising Starlet: Aleksandra Kaniak

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Each year, we are entertained by a growing pool of beautiful women on television and Polish-born actress Aleksandra Kaniak is headed for a loving reception. She recently guest starred in the episode ‘Red Menace’ from the hit show “Grimm” which is now in its 3rd Season. Playing Olga Myshkin, the wife of a vessen healer, this is a tragic tale of love and mistakes from the past making a haunting return. As Olga, Aleksandra is the vision of elegance (despite the hints of a husband infidelity) and how can one not fall for that sultry voice of hers. With her Eastern-European allure and positively seductive eyes, the camera manages to capture every facet of the desirable beauty Aleksandra exudes. One has to admire how she affects her character Olga with a layered nuance, fleeting between love and hate for her husband, realizing only too late the folly of giving in to her emotions. She’s someone we love to see more of given how fascinating she is and with the impending release of her new film “American Bistro”, our wish will soon be granted.

She is famed for the role of Mrs. Jankowski, mother of Jakob Jankowski, the main character played by Robert Pattinson in “Water for Elephants”. On that very set, Aleksandra also proved to be an adept dialect coach, dispensing guidance to Robert and the cast on perfecting the Polish dialect. Gamers will also recognize her as Lt. Zofia from the popular “Command & Conquer” series, this time employing a Russian accent. In that sexy latex bodysuit of hers, she must have been desired by hardcore game addicts back in the day. Even know when one watches her onscreen, she does radiate a level of foxiness that constantly persuasive. This could be the very year Aleksandra notably shines…:)

Sizzling Cutie: Alexis Codding

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Some actresses have that ‘je nais se quoi’ quality, a distinctive attractiveness many covet and certainly ALEXIS CODDING has that very desirable appeal. I actually just caught “Carrie” which besides Chloe Grace Moretz had English model Gabriella Wilde as Sue Snell in this remake and was taken aback by how attractive she was. In similar fashion, I’m enamored (and you should be too!) by the gorgeous features of ALEXIS who has those devastatingly inviting blue eyes and her own alluring image. As we’ve seen over the years, the horror genre (indie or otherwise) truly delivers when it comes to the most irresistibly enchanting women. Her track record in horror flicks has seen ALEXIS appearing in several shorts and films, some more straight up terror than others! From the African magic revenge tale “Voodoo” to the dark thriller “Lost In Darkness”, she’s clearly delectable and we know cameras don’t lie when it comes to accentuating beauty.

Viewers will come to find that this in part stems from her gregarious nature which reminds me of the Audrey Hepburn quote ‘Happy Girls Are The Prettiest’…:) While ALEXIS has the face that could easily grace VOGUE, her pleasantness shines through which leaves us loving her even more. It more than warrants a visit to the ALEXIS CODDING OFFICIAL SITE for a swooning session at this luscious blonde. If there’s one actress whom our interest for her won’t ever wane, Miss ALEXIS CODDING has what it takes to be a scene stealer.