Sizzling Cutie: Katie Carpenter

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Effortlessly enigmatic, blue-eyed beauty Katie Carpenter is on course to garner our attention. This November is truly a boon for fans like me with the deluge of actresses dazzling up our world. Katie has an allure very much along the lines of someone like Rachel Weisz who she bears a certain cherubic resemblance with hints of Camilla Belle. This week, she can be seen in a supporting role in the horror short “Disengaged” which is screening at the NYC Horror film festival on Nov 13. It’s re-inventing the wheel of what we know about zombie features with a female lone survivor having to pick things up after a mysterious plague overwhelms her town. Katie has also worked on a psychological thriller “The Sharp Files” earlier this year playing a disturbed college student with a sex addiction. Yet another intriguing look at how an obsession affects the very fabric of our lives.

Here’s some juicy updates from Katie:

I’ve done some local commercials, like for Title Boxing in Charlotte, NC. I’ve also modeled for brands like the American Beverage Association and Gorilla Glue.

I was very lucky to be selected as an actress for Shane Hurlbut’s Illumination Tour. Last month, I acted in a workshop led by him where we re-created a scene from Crazy/Beautiful. Shane was the Cinematographer for the movie, as well as Drumline, Need for Speed, and Terminator Salvation. He said that I had an “impressive performance,” and I could “deliver emotion.”

I love acting and modeling and film. Currently, I’m working as the Assistant Costume Designer on an Independent Feature Film being shot in Arkansas and North Carolina. I’ve worked with clothes and costumes for a while now.. I find it’s a great artistic outlet for me, alongside my acting. I’m able to learn from both of them, not to mention network with other industry professionals! I was the Wardroe Stylist for this Pepsi/Panthers commercial.


Katie is a talent who’s not afraid to get tough onscreen having worked on a 48 Hour film project in which she played the lead role. It was a “Femme Fatale” action kind of movie where she had to do a lot of stunts and had the bruises to prove it!! In 2013, she received the Best Actress Award for the dark comedy “Fruits of Her Labor”. Check out her eye-catching performance in this twisted of tales (below):

The indie genre is where we’re becoming attuned to up and coming actresses with Katie being an appealing find. Remember to visit the KATIE CARPENTER OFFICIAL SITE for more about this lovely gal.

Canadian Vixen: Alison Wandzura

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Canada’s finest beguile us once again as the ravishing Alison Wandzura is set to be a perennial charmer with those beautiful, piercing eyes. She has plentiful charismatic qualities and can regale us with her intelligent yet captivating persona. After her move to Vancouver, she quickly discovered that she would no longer be auditioning for the heartwarming family shows that were the norm back home. Alison traded in her wholesome flannel shirt for a slick black leather jacket after her move to Vancouver since it is a must for any actor in a market dominated by sci-fi and procedural drama. One of her finest performances was as an alluring senior officer, Major Corporal Maryann Kirk in the short film “Citizen Jane” who seduces the titular Private Jane into a sordidly sapphic affair. Audiences will come to know Alison’s capacity to shine in a dramatic setting.

Here’s Alison revealing about the roles she has essayed:

2013 was a very exciting one for me, as I got to work on awesome shows such as Motive (ABC), Package Deal (City TV), The Tomorrow People (CW Network) and the feature film Godzilla (Warner Bros.) Being in Vancouver is a great opportunity for me at this point in my career because our city hosts quite a few popular American network shows. I’m crossing my fingers for some on-set time in 2014 on shows like The Killing (Netflix), Arrow (CW), Once Upon a Time (ABC) and Hell on Wheels (AMC).

Alison is primed for affection with her upcoming appearances in not one but two fascinating new shows. First off she will be in “iZombie”, the series that shows us not all zombies are bad although they can never stave off their desire for human brains! Then Alison will pop up in “Backstrom” starring Rainn Wilson which continues our hunger for episodic criminal themes peppered with dark humor. She’s also co-producing a dramatic future-based series called “HYPHAE” that takes place in a world with no money. She once remarked as an actress: “It’s about discovering who she really is and how she can make a difference in the world by telling stories that matter.” We can start envisioning her as a burgeoning starlet with a bright future and one with a very good head (gorgeous of course!) on her shoulders.