Foxy Femme: Maya Massar

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MAYA MASSAR has so many unique facets, she is deserving of admiration for being beautiful in various forms of expression. An artist, poet and alternative healing facilitator, she’s an actress who is a rare soul indeed. She also happens to be a lady who rock the silver locks, a vixen in her own right. Some called silver hair the new blonde and we have to admit the women who have this crowning glory are indeed sexy as Helen Mirren & Jamie Lee Curtis have shown over the years. What better than to showcase her on Friday the 13th as she’s been The Wicked Witch of the West on the hit series “Supernatural”. In addition to her frightful features under heavy makeup and a awesomely creepy performance, MAYA is riveting as an emissary of evil even though she doesn’t speak. This isn’t her first horror foray, having appeared in “The Cabin in the Woods” as well as the “The Uninvited”, the former sees her playing a Zombie!

Having worked both in the US and Canada, the effervescent MAYA garnered a Leo award for ‘Best Performance, Female’ in the short film “Death’s Dream”. I adore a talent who doesn’t conform to the conventions of being an actress, her myriad of interests away from the camera such as Crystal Healing and an organizer of Spiritual Retreats are the points of intrigue. The MAYA MASSAR OFFICIAL SITE will be your guide to the many updates on her career. It’s time we get our fix of MAYA MASSAR for she’s fascinating from head to toe.

Sizzling Cutie: Simone Carter

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SIMONE CARTER is endowed with the cuteness factor that’s timeless which would mean much love is heading her way. Especially since she’s in “Masters Of Sex”, the show dramatizing the pioneers of the detailed research into female sexuality, breaking boundaries during the 1950s when being prudish was the norm. I can’t believe how blessed I am to be able to talk about some of the hottest women appearing weekly on “Masters Of Sex”. In the third episode “Standard Deviation”, SIMONE guest-stars as Arda, a lady of the night who partakes in the human sexuality experiments conducted by Dr. William Masters (Michael Sheen) and Virginia Johnson (Lizzy Caplan). Gotta love a woman who is straight talking when it comes to pleasure and SIMONE’s character divulges that even money can’t buy her a decent orgasm. Being subtly funny can certainly be an asset and SIMONE does ever so well here. As the season progresses in what is widely expected to be even more risque, we’ll find out even the great Mr Masters himself is not sheltered from sexual dysfunction.

She may have moved to LA but SIMONE is actually a Texas hottie having moved when she was 18 and everyone knows how gorgeous the ladies from the Lone Star State are..:) The photos of her (above) highlights that her girl-next-door radiance is off the charts! It was actually theatre that honed her acting and she’s gone from strength to strength. In addition to her film credits, she’s gone on to star in webseries “Mythomania” and “Pluck”. It’s conceivable that SIMONE could be a great discovery this year and beyond.