Manhattan Film Festival 2014 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Tjasa Ferme

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Ravishing comes to mind when describing the delights of the beguiling Slovenian-born actress Tjasa Ferme. Especially since she’s a temptation in the indie dramatic thriller “Dutch Kills” which premieres at the Manhattan Film Fest this week. Hot of the Press: “Dutch Kills” has just won Best Thriller! It tells of an ex-con who together with his old crew try to pull off one last heist to rescue his heavily in debt sister. Her mesmerizing blue eyes are more than enough to stir our senses and Tjasa has done a fair bit of that in her burgeoning career. Earlier in the year, Tjasa sizzled in the show “Cocktales: Confessions of a Nymphomaniac”, a piece on female sexuality and she starred as Eve a woman who like all of us possess sexual urges. She so enthralled on stage that audiences were transfixed from the moment she embodied the nympho with a humanistic desire that’s in all of us. Got to love how the show was affectionately called a pussyfantasia with a man parade!

She’s also directed, wrote and appeared in the short film “Ophelia’s Flip” which graced the Cannes Film Festival back in 2012. It was quite the experimental self-portrait video diary of a girl and her exploration of the human condition (failings or otherwise) stimulates the mind. With her spread of challenging roles as well as her charismatic elegance, there’s only direction Tjasa is heading and that’s all the way to the top!

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Must Watch Sizzlers @ The Female Eye Film Festival 2014


1. Júlia Ubrankovics in “Remedy”


- “Virtually a Virgin” was the film that put Júlia on the map with her sensual innocence as an impoverished 18-year-old sold into prostitution being a star-making performance.
- She channels seductiveness once again as the Mistress Chanel in “Remedy”, a tale of BDSM and the psychological after-effects of this lurid fetish of the sex industry.
- This award-winning Hungarian actress is striking on any medium and she compliments her gorgeousness with her lovably, humble demeanor.

2. Nicole St Martin, Director of “A Bloody Mess”


- On top of dazzling us as an actress, Nicole’s short “A Bloody Mess” will get us talking with its wicked take on the crimson tide a.k.a. periods!
- Off screen, she’s thoroughly personable. On screen, she inveigled us as a rather devious murderer in an episode of the hit Canadian series “Murdoch Mysteries”.
- As a co-chair of TAWC, Nicole has helped to ensure women’s stories are seen and heard which means audiences get to marvel at the wonders of Canada’s finest…:)

3. Katie Boland in “Looking Is The Original Sin”


- While Tatiana Maslany is one of TV’s biggest stars, Katie is Canada’s brightest indie darlings, enthralling the masses in numerous roles.
- Her intimate portrayal as Anna, a young girl emotionally abandoned by her unstable photographer mother in “Looking Is The Original Sin” is proof of her captivating allure.
- Take into account her 2 other much lauded indie films “Gerontophilia” as well as “Sex After Kids” and you have the fetching Katie as our ever-growing Canadian addiction!

4. Paula Giroday in “When I Saw You”


- Already a fixture on TV, Paula is also well known for her entertaining web series “The True Heroines” infusing cabaret and witty drama.
- Starring in “When I Saw You” which uses an innovative concept as it’s told almost entirely in voice-over and yet Paula’s beautiful soul gives the film the humanistic touch.
- A storyteller and dancer which are among her many beguiling facets, Paula is already one of the most delectable women to have graced the Canadian film industry.