Asian Vixen: Ploy Jindachote

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Yet another first on this blog is the immensely charming Thai actress Ploy Jindachote who is heading for her big break in Hollywood. Having garnered a supporting role in traumatic 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami-themed tearjerker “The Impossible” alongside megastars Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts, she could very well be gaining prominence outside of Asia soon. Her mesmerizing features will go some way in getting her noticed as asian audiences would be familiar with her hot photo shoots in the pages of FHM Thailand and Singapore. She’s also starring alongside Cary Elwes, household icon from the “Saw” fanchise in the psychological horror flick “Hellgate”. Ploy plays Choi, a nurse who becomes the confidante of Cary’s character Jeff after realizing he can see ghosts following a tragic accident. Having seen the trailer (above), there’s some eerie moments reminiscent of “The Eye” to keep you at the edge of your seats and one has to say Ploy is truly angelic in her scenes with Cary…:)

In her native Thailand, Ploy did appear in “Friday Killer”, a Thai action/drama movie in which she nabbed the part of a police officer who happens to also be a lesbian. Her onscreen versatility which most sections of the media have noted would surely be pivotal in her getting meatier roles. We do need our touch of exotic in the alluring form of Miss Ploy Jindachote to enliven our viewing experience. It’s all about having that universal appeal and being receptive of her is but a moment’s glimpse of her loveliness.

Sex Bomb: Christina Fandino

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It’s mind-blowing to be in the presence of CHRISTINA FANDINO for she’s one of the most enchanting personalities we would love to meet in the flesh. She stirred the loins as the Hot Tub Girl Khae in “Love and Other Drugs” when she and Katheryn Winnick got it on in the lip-locking department. Guess who was watching and couldn’t wait to join in…..Jake Gyllenhaal himself!! And I’m betting there was a long line of men wishing they were in his shoes…:) This hottie of Filipino, Chinese, and Spanish descent is a former Miss Philippines of the World with a most exquisite body. She’s graced both FHM and Maxim magazines, stroking flames of desire with ease. She also has the Filipino hospitality which only serves to heighten the fascination we already have for her curves.

While she’s a breathtaking model, her first passion from a very young age has been the realm of acting. Aspiring to augment the characters she’s playing with depth, CHRISTINA is filming action flick “LA Snow” where she displays her tough side. Slated for another starring role in a niche, but dramatic film, “Ameripina”, to be shot in Bataan, Philippines, CHRISTINA’s impending sojourn in Asia will be of great interest. Admiring the vixen in her is inevitable!