Austin Film Fest 2013 Spotlight: Canadian Vixen Lisa Ovies

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If you’re the type who covets hazel-eyed indie princesses then LISA OVIES is a genial beauty that warrants much love. Already an award-winning film maker and an accomplished international model, she has produced, written and dazzled in musicals, short films and a sketch comedy pilot. This year’s Austin Film Fest is going to be me giving actresses a huge shout out especially when there’s so many of them to be featured…:) As we speak LISA has arrived in Austin and expect her to be stealing hearts at the world premiere of “Mop King”. The long often notion of maids being only females is turn on its head with Jed, a man akin to a househusband as the central character. In this comedy, LISA plays medical student Marsha Booth, a room renter in the home of Jed’s parents who keeps JED in check with her sarcasm. She does make being bookwormish appealing and those black glasses can’t hide the fact she’s gorgeous. I did check out her model mayhem page where LISA reveals she’s a tomboy at heart but having browse through her photos, I must admit she’s actually ravishing in a feminine way.

“Mop King” will premiere at 9:45pm, Thursday October 24th and it’s opening at the festival on the IMAX. There’s also another screening on Monday Oct 28th 7pm at the Alamo Drafthouse. The lucky people of Austin and all over the country will get more than just a glimpse of versatile indie darling. I’m looking forward to the interview with her which will give us more insight into this ebullient actress.

LA Shorts Fest 2013 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Kirsta Peterson

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Having seen her grace the red carpet for the premiere of her short film “The Pretenders”, it’s a given to adore KIRSTA PETERSON for she’s a fetching sweetheart. Yet again we find ourselves drawn to a multi-talented face who enchant us on both sides of the camera. Being the producer, co-writer and leading lady on “The Pretenders” showcases KIRSTA’s artistic gifts as well as the glow she effuses. Her rosy cheeks are radiant and a cheery sparkle for our eyes…:) She plays Anette, a serial dater who longs for a connection as she sits and converses with the colorful patrons at a swanky bar. Viewers will love the intimate performance from KIRSTA and recognize the woes of finding that one true love. We’ve all been there when we meet the so-called “Pretenders” and the possibles yet there’s not one spark. Will this tale be any different and of course I’m rooting for Anette! Off camera though, KIRSTA does have the genial features to make a devotee of anyone in its eventuality.

Check out the KIRSTA PETERSON OFFICIAL SITE and you will find she’s been called The Best Thing On The Show for her theatre work. We love it when there’s a compelling new talent that can find an instant connection with viewers and KIRSTA is steadily making a play for our hearts.