IFS Film Festival 2014 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Caroline Heinle

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Cuties are regularly held in high regard and Caroline Heinle has a quintessence of geniality that’s many will admiringly embrace. In keeping with Caroline’s amiable personality is her warm smile, shimmering on both film and print. Her twitter states she’s a sweet, bubbly blonde combined with Jersey girl sass confirming Caroline’s a genuine honey. “Broken Gardenias”, the darkly magnetic lesbian drama which is screening at the IFS Film Fest will however see her as a not-so-angelic woman.

Here’s Caroline describing her bad girl character in “Broken Gardenias”:

‘I play Mira in Broken Gardenias. She is the lead’s bitchy room-mate. I basically kick her out when she is going through a rough time which forces her to go on a hunt for her Dad. I’m kind of the catalyst for the entire story. And I’m mean! Haha! Which is fun! Probably because I’m so nice in real life. Everyone joked with me on set about how nice I am and how scarily good I am at being a bitch (as Mira). But the girl that plays Sam joked that’s why Tina Fey hired Rachel McAdams for “Mean Girls”… Cuz you don’t wanna be on set with a “real” bitch lol!’

She was also filming in New York this past January for a film called “Rock Story” starring Joyce DeWitt, Eric Roberts and Gilbert Gottfried. It will be screening at the Hoboken Film Festival 2014 on May 31st at the Paramount theater in Middletown, New York. She plays a bass guitarist which was so much fun for her because Caroline taught herself how to play the bass! … sort of…:) Next on her agenda is to start writing some projects of her own! She did write and perform sketch comedy at the Strait Jacket Society in Hollywood for a year so she already has a knack for it.

Nothing beats an appraisal from an actress on the appeal of my blog and with Caroline majoring in journalism, she has so kindly acknowledged my good writing as soon as she saw it. Plus she felt honored to be featured and that already installs Caroline as one of my favs…:) Make her your favorite too!

Austin Film Fest 2013 Spotlight: Canadian Vixen Lisa Ovies

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If you’re the type who covets hazel-eyed indie princesses then LISA OVIES is a genial beauty that warrants much love. Already an award-winning film maker and an accomplished international model, she has produced, written and dazzled in musicals, short films and a sketch comedy pilot. This year’s Austin Film Fest is going to be me giving actresses a huge shout out especially when there’s so many of them to be featured…:) As we speak LISA has arrived in Austin and expect her to be stealing hearts at the world premiere of “Mop King”. The long often notion of maids being only females is turn on its head with Jed, a man akin to a househusband as the central character. In this comedy, LISA plays medical student Marsha Booth, a room renter in the home of Jed’s parents who keeps JED in check with her sarcasm. She does make being bookwormish appealing and those black glasses can’t hide the fact she’s gorgeous. I did check out her model mayhem page where LISA reveals she’s a tomboy at heart but having browse through her photos, I must admit she’s actually ravishing in a feminine way.

“Mop King” will premiere at 9:45pm, Thursday October 24th and it’s opening at the festival on the IMAX. There’s also another screening on Monday Oct 28th 7pm at the Alamo Drafthouse. The lucky people of Austin and all over the country will get more than just a glimpse of versatile indie darling. I’m looking forward to the interview with her which will give us more insight into this ebullient actress.