Rising Starlet: Petra Bryant


Petra Bryant is a sweetheart the world should covet with fondness as she’s gracefulness personified. With several must-see films on the horizon, she is well on her way to achieving recognition. Petra is the lead of “The Disappearance of Lenka Wood”, the kidnap thriller where she’s a feisty woman (the titular Lenka) who has a harrowing experience during her honeymoon in Turkey. Starting out as a victim, will she follow in the footsteps of Liam Neeson ala “Taken” and become a kick ass heroine? Audiences will be itching to find out I’m sure!

Check out these stills of Petra from “The Disappearance of Lenka Wood” which shows some of the riveting moments from the movie.


It’s always a welcome sight to see actresses across the pond being tag as buzzworthy and while Petra is London based, she’s quite the cosmopolitan girl since she’s Czech-born. I’m grateful for her patience as well as accommodating nature having taken time from her busy schedule to send me her collection of latest pics from her shoot. If you need any more reason to acknowledge that the prettiest ones like Petra are so pleasantly luminous, she’s proven her natural geniality is prevalent too. Petra has already been profiled in several magazines and she’s at the very cusp of impending stardom. Her upcoming movie “Abduct” starring Sienna Guillory (who herself was a blossoming starlet) might just be the boost of recognition for Petra. She’s an actress who could be regarded as a screen treasure in the future.

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Sizzling Cutie: Melissa Cordero

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Melissa Cordero belongs to the incredible array of sweethearts on screen who are proving to be a sight to behold. Melissa has been lauded on the list of the 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas 2013 and it’s obvious she’s an absolute enchanter. Those in the US must be loving the fact she moved from Costa Rica to settle into her life as an actress. In the vein of natural cute performers such as Selena Gomez, she has delectable qualities that can melt any heart. She recently appeared in “Ghost of Goodnight Lane” which tells of an antique box that unleashes a spirit with a habit of killing indie film-makers. But wait…this is actually a tasty horror/comedy and surprisingly dispenses with the gore we’ve come to expect.

Continuing her run in the horror genre, Melissa also appeared in the creature feature “Snakehead Swamp” on the SYFY channel. In the tradition of mutated fish with a bloodlust for humans, Louisiana is gripped with fear as a school of monstrous snakeheads start chomping the locals. Don’t the man-eating fishes realize that Melissa’s character Sam is just too nice to eat (watch her in the clip above)! From face value, Melissa is all geniality and I’m sure she’s just as approachable in person. There’s a high probability, many would certainly be espousing the words ‘Creo que eres muy hermosa’ to her. Melissa is a beautiful up and coming actress with the drive to become one of the most sought after young women in the industry.