Palm Beach International Film Fest 2014 Spotlight: Latin Vixen Patricia De Leon

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There’s nothing we love better than to be awe of the foxiest Latinas in modern entertainment and Patricia De Leon affirms her sizzle factor is limitless. Patricia has enchanted the world as an actress, TV host, model as well as a former Miss Panama beauty queen and Univision reporter. I love how she’s partial to take on smart, sophisticated roles as opposed to those sexy Latina ones which so often comes her way. Sophia Vergara may have hit pay dirt when she played the sultry Hispanic card on “Modern Family” but the dedicated Patricia desires something with substance. She is however 100% desirable and is one of the stars of the new dramedy “Confessions of a Womanizer” that tells of a compulsive lothario who becomes best buds with a transgendered prostitute. He certainly has his pick of some of the hottest women on the planet with Patricia sharing sexy screen time with the Bella Twins from WWE, Jillian Rose Reed and Nosheen Phoenix. She must now surely be a must see at this year’s edition of the Palm Beach International Film Fest!

Her versatility shone through when she appeared in a recurring role on “Magic City” as Pastorita Nunez, a feisty Cuban woman with ties to Fidel Castro. In the upcoming thriller “Light from the Darkroom”, she’s in the lead role of Dr Carmen Hill, a strong-willed Panamanian surgeon who returns to Panama City in the wake of a religious pilgrimage turned massacre. Patricia can be said to be the epitome of lusciousness seeing how she’s been the gorgeous image of many advertising campaigns, this is one beauty who bewitches even when she’s not performing. It is true that Latin women do have glowing skin! As she once said in an interview: ‘Glamor is sensual by nature, they go hand in hand and I don’t exclude either one’. What she has achieved so wonderfully is to embrace all the facets of femininity and going against typecasting that’s afforded to someone as heavenly as her. It has to be said our crush for Patricia now extends beyond just admiring her voluptuous features to it’s about acknowledging her depth as a rapidly rising talent.

Sex Bomb: Raven Lexy

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Raven Lexy is a minx of Latina Sauciness and exotic perfection who can at a moment’s notice spark a wild obsession in us. The lusciousness of her derrière should be steaming up eyeballs all over the world especially since she’s the cover girl of Black Lingerie Magazine Issue #15. On the pages of the very magazine which is adorned by a bevy of girls with curves, Raven is a standout, giving us a tease of her ravishing body. She’s also proven to be more that just a sensual beauty, excelling as an actress, television host, glamor model and a businesswoman. Those array of talents could well be the springboard for her to make waves if she hasn’t done already! Temptation in the form of the sultry Miss Raven Lexy is a delightful vision to look forward to admiring.

So far, she’s been in several indie horror features with Demon Hunter being a film which I first took notice of her sex appeal. She’s thoroughly photogenic on print and likewise on film, the camera accentuates her sensuality. It’s great to see her starring alongside some of the most gorgeous women in horror. Zombie fever is at an all time high so it’s fitting that her upcoming film is “Day of the Living Dead”. Everyone loves a sexy gal that gets to kick ass in a Zombie flick…:) In fact, many would be hoping she heats up the web as well, possibly in her very own sexy online series perhaps. All signs does point to her blossoming into a Sex Symbol for generations to admire.