Nantucket Film Festival Spotlight 2014: Rising Starlet Ylfa Edelstein


Naturally exquisite, Ylfa Edelstein has an enigmatic presence that more than just pique our curiosity. Having famously played the legendary Marlene Dietrich in a play called “Puma” and was roundly praised for her seductive performance, she must surely be held in high regard. By far, Reykjavík Iceland (where Ylfa hails from) is one of the destinations on my bucket list and it’s awesome to be in awe of the wealth of female talents from such a picturesque country. Things are certainly getting hotter for Ylfa seeing how she has a recurring role in the new series “The Knick” starring Clive Owen which would thrust her even more into the public eye. Steven Soderbergh must surely have something to do with her casting as he has an eye for amazing women. Ylfa is playing a nurse so I’m expecting some fantasies to be fulfilled! She did ask me about my obsession for actresses so it’s only going to grow from now on!


At this year’s Nantucket film festival, you will be treated to this lady’s attractiveness as she appears in the short film “The Hyperglot”. It’s a story of a man who can’t seem to connect to women despite his impressive communication skills but I’m pretty sure we can find the words to praise Ylfa. Remember to check out her reel at the YFLA EDELSTEIN OFFICIAL SITE and start gazing at one of the blossoming names of the film industry.

Indie Sweethearts To Adore At The Santa Barbara Film Fest 2014


1. Sarah Hagan & Kat Primeau in “Orenthal: The Musical”

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- In the wacky indie comedy “Orenthal: The Musical”, Sarah plays Dietrich, the savant composer joining Eugene Olivier, a semi-successful New York theater artist inspired to create the next great American musical.
– One of the most uniquely eye-catching indie darlings thanks to wonderful turns in “Jess+Moss” and “Freaks And Geeks”, Sarah continues to fascinate us so memorably in roles that are fun, quirky and demands your attention.
– Kat play Elaine, a conservative arts administrator who try to oust Eugene Olivier after discovering the reason he stages a theater play.
– In comedic roles, Kat has been called everything from enjoyably eccentric and perkily delightful, catching the eye throughout.

2. Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir in “Metalhead”


- She is at her emotionally engaging best in Icelandic drama “Metalhead” as the mother of a girl who is dealing with the death of her brother and adolescence, thus causing much tension.
– While I became a fan thanks to her turn in the cult hit “Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre”, many will love how she puts in her distinct touch to the characters she’s played over the years.
– Her ability to be relatable and connect with audiences around the world should have her recognized as one of Iceland’s treasures…:)