Sexy Siren: Stepfanie Kramer

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Some actresses we’ll have crushes on for life and when STEPFANIE KRAMER appeared on “The Secret Circle”, she stoked our passion once again. Portraying Kate Meade, one of “the elders” in the popular show of teen witchcraft, there was a sinister side to her no one saw coming, not even by heroine Cassie Blake. Strong and wily onscreen, STEPFANIE made a lasting impression on audiences just as she did way back on “Hunter” as the tough cookie Dee Dee McCall. I must say she oozes a charismatic foxiness that will always be eternal. The question is will her character Kate return in future episodes and face Cassie (who she betrayed) once more….

Remember to watch updates at the STEPFANIE KRAMER OFFICIAL SITE and see if she returns to her devious ways on “The Secret Circle”. One of the reviewers even expressed how she upped the hot quotient throughout the witching hour of the series. With her guesting on “CSI” pretty soon, at least we will have helpings of this idolized vixen to tide us over. From her lovely smile one can tell she loves getting down into the skin of intriguing women and continues to sparkle as one of the most beautiful women in television.

Sexy Siren: Christy Carlson Romano

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She’s the Disney Princess who steamed up the screens late 2010 and the transformation of CHRISTY CARLSON ROMANO into an enchantress has been met with fervent approval. Having read how her devoted fan base looks up to her, the measure of her influence can be seen in how she’s touched the masses regardless of their age groups. More recently, she has plumb for the grittier stuff such as a young woman entering into a suicide pact with her friend and documenting their downward spiral via video in “Suicide Dolls”. Additionally, who can forget her steamy exposure in “Mirrors 2″ (the celebrated bath scene of a horror flick) followed by one of the goriest deaths enacted onscreen at the hands of her character’s evil reflection. Her nude scene received a rapturous upshot and shedding her good girl image is the kind of professionalism she believes in. According to an interview she gave, it is her desire to do whatever she wants with her body, not a case of seeking attention at all and this frankness she exemplifies is most refreshing.

Before you can say “The Walking Dead”, CHRISTY will put her Scream Queen shoes on and try to survive hordes of zombies in the upcoming “The Infected”. Just when we thought we knew everything under the sun, this film addresses another twist on the origins of your typical zombie apocalypse! She may have on her plate some rather grim roles but there’s one constant throughout and that’s her mesmeric pull. From teen idol to vamp and her emergence in a more adult-oriented capacity, the tall and lissome CHRISTY maintains her undying vestige of appeal. She’s always had the Star Quality and now we’ve seeing it magnified.