Indy Film Fest 2014 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Shani Salyers Stiles

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With her amiable disposition, Shani Salyers Stiles has a semblance of inviting charm that’s such a joy. I’ve already been privy to the affectionate nature of female talents from LA, New York, New Orleans, New Mexico and Indiana is yet one more state with an endearing circle of performers. You can count on Shani being as one among the wonderfully pleasant bunch of this ever growing entertainment arena. At this year’s Indy Film Fest, watch Shani play the mother figure of a dysfunctional middle class family in the short film “Anon”. Trouble is fast heading their way unless her son can somehow repair their familial relationship.

She also has a feature called “Murder On Frog Pond Drive” where she plays Myrna, a soon to be victim of a premeditated killing. From the trailer (above), one can see why her character is a target as she’s not the most righteous of standing. With its entry into several film festivals, 2014 should see “Murder On Frog Pond Drive” receive a warm response from moviegoers. The perseverance of indie actresses such as Shani gives inspiration to every one who’s ever dreamed of stepping in front of the screen. Plus the fact that Shani’s a redhead and that supposedly you will fall for redheads if you look into their eyes for more than 10 seconds should sway us into adoring her. Let’s keep tabs on the emergence of Shani as she continues to shape her exciting career.

Sizzling Cutie: Taylor Gildersleeve

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Thanks to the very desirable Taylor Gildersleeve, there is going to an outpouring of passion for her all Summer Long! The recently concluded Miss USA 2014 was graced by 51 of the sexiest women ever and with her inviting allure, it’s no wonder Taylor is a former beauty queen herself. She held the title of Miss New York Teen USA in 2009 and went on to compete in Miss Teen USA 2009. On television, most will recognize her from appearances on the latest season of “Unforgettable” as well as on the hit series “Person of Interest”. On film, she was in the June Diane Raphael/Casey Wilson female buddy comedy “Ass Backwards” proving she’s 100% a babe in her turquoise bikini. Taylor can also be seen in “Affluenza”, the hedonistic tale of money, sex, and privilege in the summer of 2008. With the raunchy trailer (above) on the main page of IMDB, expect avid interest to follow!

Her lead role as Mary Roth in the upcoming horror flick “The Factory” sees her as a socialite looking to start a clothing business in what is a supernatural story inspired by fires at Pakistani garment factories. Kudos to the creator for carving a story steeped in social commentary and based on events outside of the US. Having seen Taylor in the on-set pics, it’s clear she is bewitchingly photogenic, giving a pleasant balance to what is a creepy tone of the film. She also recently did a Grace Kelly inspired shoot with admirers favorably comparing her with Mad Men’s January Jones.

That’s enough reason to visit the TAYLOR GILDERSLEEVE OFFICIAL SITE to browse her collection of media including her sexy photo spreads. Oh how we find ourselves being repeatedly devoted to blondes such as Miss Taylor for she has a rapidly rising X-Factor…:)