The Sizzling Women Of PollyGrind Film Fest 2013

1. Jessica Sonneborn, Noel Thurman, Kristina Hammond, Devanny Pinn, Jenny Spain & Lauren Lakis from “American Girls”.

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- Multi-Faceted Screen Siren Jessica has a foxy presence that instantly captivate hearts.
- Call Noel the Marilyn of the horror genre for she’s a bombshell with tons of sex appeal.
- Kristina can channel sexiness or the girl next door look yet she’s still coveted either way.
- Luscious Devanny is also the writer of on this film proving she’s just as sexy with her mind.
- I anointed Jenny as a Horror Goddess for she is stunning from every angle in all her features.
- One of the cutest indie darlings, Lauren has the fun,flirty nature we can’t get enough of.

2. Charlene Amoia in “She” & “I Am Death”

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- Charlene has two films screening at PollyGrind which means a double dose of swooning time over this very comely talent.
- “She” is a short film Charlene produced and starred in. A silent film in black & white, she is mesmerizing even without talking as a woman whose life is changed by a rescued dog.
- “I Am Death” on the other hand is more of a thriller as she switches gears onscreen. End result is still the same…we will all adore Charlene…:)

3. Jessica Cameron in “To Jennifer” and Maria Olsen in “The Cohasset Snuff Film”

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- Two of the most active ladies of horror, we’ll be fascinated by them for quite some time seeing the sheer number of films they’re starring in.
- Jessica plays the titular Jennifer in the horror flick “To Jennifer” as a woman whose long-distance boyfriend hope to catch her in a state of infidelity.
- Maria has always been a great character actress and she shines yet again as a real life authority on serial killers in “The Cohasset Snuff Film”.

4. Tina Krause in “Dots”


- Regarded as a B-Movie queen with a droll-worthy body, she’s a maven of indie horror and erotic spoofs.
- She stars in the creepy short film “Dots” so watch the trailer (above). Props goes out to John Zhao for getting me this fantastic trailer!
- In her upcoming grindhouse horror feature “Devil’s Fork”, she’ll leave you craving for more as a strange hitchhiker who terrorizes a couple, one of whom is played by Debbie Rochon.

5. Katie Groshong in “A Measure Of The Sin”


- Wowing you with a layered performance in “A Measure Of The Sin”, she’ll take you on an unconventional horror ride that promises to be memorable.
- She will be in Las Vegas for a Q & A session at PollyGrind so make sure you drop by and ask her about her compelling role as Meredith.
- I’m sticking my neck out and tip Katie to be a blossoming star of the independent scene.

6. Chauntal Lewis in “The Commune “


- Chauntal beguiled in every min of the cult thriller “The Commune”, her dynamic range is impeccable and it’s amazing her work is getting recognition once again 8 years later.
- By now everyone should already know how much of an inspiration she’s been in the hearts of many people having lost her hand in an automobile accident.
- It hasn’t stop her from getting juicy roles such as the recent one in the thrilling “Coffin Baby” and her positive attitude towards life is admirable. Kudos!

Babes Of Bloody Bloody Bible Camp

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Call these GIRLS ‘The Tease Of The Week’ for they are destined to sizzle your eyes! Remember their names: Jessica Sonneborn, Julianne Tura, Ivet Corvea, Elissa Dowling & Debbie Venegas and their super saucy pics (above) speak for themselves. The Fab Five are the heat-makers of “Bloody Bloody Bible Camp“, the slasher where sin is pervasive as a group of horny, out of control Christian youths led by Father Cummings are pursuing the pleasures of the flesh among other unholy activities. This is the way exploitation movies should be done and “Bloody Bloody Bible Camp” promises gory good fun as well as skin-tastic moments to savor. Make sure to check out each of the girl’s sites (below) and you’ll have to find out for yourselves which vixen names her Facebook Page ‘Boner Bait’!


Thanks to the produces & actress Jessica Sonneborn, here’s some pics from the movie which many will find rather tasty…:)

 alt=Hold Me, Kiss Me, Thrill Me!
 alt=Stir My Loins!

Here’s more of the hot ensemble who can induce lust in a heartbeat and I’m not complaining…
Which are your favorites I wonder…
There’s one sure thing, their Bloody Sexy Rating is 10 out of 10!

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