Hotties On Film and DVD – July 23rd

1. Rileah Vanderbilt and Caroline Wiliams in “Hatchet 3″

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- Rileah as we know is a digital vixen thanks to her work as a member of Team Unicorn. Caroline of course is a legend in horror circles and set to shine once more.
– Caroline returns to form as the driven Amanda in “Hatchet 3″ searching for a way to put an end to the urban legend that’s plagued Honey Island Swamp.
– Rileah Vanderbilt who has previously worked on the previous 2 films takes on the role of S.W.A.T. member Dougherty who faces the seemingly unkillable Victor Crowley.

2. Laura Adkin in “It’s A Disaster”

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- Laura is a definite indie darling in the making with a delightful effusive appearance in the ensemble comedy “It’s A Disaster”.
– She plays Jenny Alexander, a woman who together with her husband are perpetual latecomers and are the bane of Julia Stiles more pragmatic character Tracy Scott.
– After all, she does possess the requisite vivacious qualities to lead us to want more!

3. Melissa Ordway in “Odd Thomas”

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- Melissa stars as Lysette in the quirky thriller about a man with the ability to commune with the dead and see spirits who are the portents of death.
– While “Odd Thomas” has its captivating brunette in the form of Addison Timlin, Melissa should also be regarded as a ravishing blonde who ranks as one of the sexiest.
– She’s also well known on television for sizzling up “90210”, the soap opera “The Young And The Restless” and on the Nickelodean Show “Hollywood Heights”

Sizzling Cutie: Amber Connor

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Her ability to move from sweetheart to tempting and back again is what will draw viewers to embrace AMBER CONNOR. The hot pics of her (above) would testify to that in a hurry! With the world premiere of “Bunyan” happening at Shockfest 2012 on November 17th, it’s an event not to be missed seeing how AMBER is the leading lady or should I presume the Final Girl! Certainly no one wants to be at the end of the huge-ass Ax of the urban legend lumberjack Paul Bunyan but that’s what will befall a group of delinquents at boot camp. Amber plays the daughter of a local sheriff who has some skeletons in her closet. Will she be on a collision course with the behemoth Bunyan? All you have to do is get those tickets to watch the carnage unfold. I like so many secretly want Amber’s character CB to survive (at least she’s facing one creature rather than thousands like Brad Pitt in the World War Z trailer! What the Hell!)

At the AMBER CONNOR OFFICIAL SITE, you’ll also discover her work as a voiceover artist, having done animated commercial work. In fact, she recently voiced for a great project called “The Guardians Tale”. Her voice does have a cute timbre to it which is so desirable for a variety of commercials. AMBER can be regarded as the ‘All-American Girl’ and she can only get even more fascinating. I’m honored that she is looking forward to getting to know more about me and as an actress buff, I would reciprocate the love right back to her. So should you…:)