Austin Film Fest 2013 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Rachel Heller

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Already a red-carpet goddess, Actress and Writer RACHEL HELLER is beguilingly easy on the eyes. Her long straight cut hair with bangs adds another dimension to her appeal and does make her a style maven. You can see her in “Innocence” which screens at this year’s Austin Film Festival and having seen her red-carpet pics, RACHEL does belong in the immensely beautiful cast. With 110,000+ Followers on her Twitter, Rachel is already much coveted and she’s growing in popularity. She is also the Chief Style Ambassador @ Zindigo – which is evolving the way we shop by utilzing social commerce, one social boutique at a time. One thing is for certain, RACHEL is delectable in almost anything she wears, a testament to her personal fashion chic.

I can’t wait to catch RACHEL alongside her gorgeous peers such as Imogen Poots, Addison Timlin and Jessica Lucas in the upcoming Zac Efron starrer “That Awkward Moment”. This is the second feature that sees RACHEL as part of a stunning female ensemble and lends credence to the fact she’s ravishing. Her multitude of talents include singing, improvisation as well as being able to assume Southern and British accents. Having the hots for RACHEL is a given as she’s more than capable of starting an obsession…:)

Exclusive Interview With Shriekfest Founder Denise Gossett

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It’s a Carnival of Horror this weekend as the 11th Edition of Shriekfest which runs from September 29th till 2nd October returns to put the fear in you. Shriekfest founder DENISE GOSSETT has promised a Screaming Good Time as audiences will be treated to the best in independent horror and sci-fi from the world over in all its unrated glory! There’s the opening night screening of Troma Legend Lloyd Kaufman’s “The Feed”, the world premiere of retro thriller “Isle Of Dogs” and a host of bloodcurdling shorts to make your skin crawl.

Plaudits have to be bestowed upon Miss DENISE GOSSETT for generating such buzz for Shriekfest over the years and which now thrives as LA’s Most Successful & Entertaining Horror Film Festival! She’s the original ‘Kickstarter’ who celebrated horror at a time when festivals were few and far between back in 2001. As a Horror devotee, I feel blessed to be touched by such an influential figure in the genre and it’s with great pleasure to present this interview with the vivacious DENISE, a gorgeous visionary hugely deserving of the moniker as a FIRST LADY OF HORROR.


1. Hi Denise. First off, Congrats on the the 11th Edition of Shriekfest Film Fest. What can audiences expect this time around and how has Shriekfest contributed to the horror scene over the years?

A: They can expect more of the same, awesome indie films from around the world…we have US film, films from Australia, England, France, Germany, Brazil, New Zealand, etc. I think Shriekfest has contributed by helping get the word out about indie horror and we’ve helped people get their projects made, distribution, agents, etc.

2. There’s an intriguing list of films guaranteed to make us Scream at Shriekfest 2011. What’s the selection process like and would it help if we were chummy with you (truthfully now!)?

A: Does not help to be chummy….actually many of my friends were rejected this year…we have over 40 judges and it’s a long, thought out process.

3. It’s amazing to see sci-fi as well as comedy features scheduled for our viewing pleasure. Why do u think it’s important to maintain that diversity even at an established horror festival?­

A: It helps break up the gore, plus there are talented filmmakers in all genres.

4. Everyone adores you for your gregariously warm nature and for being an awesome Scream Queen. Tell us who have been your favorite actors and how have they inspired you?

A: Aww, you are very sweet, but I don’t really consider myself a scream queen…haven’t done enough horror for that. I love lots of actors, all your typical oscar winner actors, but I also love the indie actors as well. I’ve made some amazing friends over the years.

5. I also read that you’re also been anointed as an Indie Sex Symbol. How did that come about and in your opinion, what is the true meaning of Being Sexy?

A: Ah, Haren, that was appointed by you my friend! The true meaning of being sexy is: loving life, loving yourself, and doing what you love.


6. You are in the book “Hot & Horryifying: The First Ladies Of Horror” which is absolutely amazing. What does it mean to be held in admiration for being a mover and a shaker?

A: It blows me away, b/c I just feel like this person who wants to help and I can’t believe the love I get on a daily basis….it’s wonderful!

7. Tell us some of your most memorable moments throughout your career.

A: Working with Mel Gibson, he’s amazing, being a gun slinger in A Chestful of Blood, working with Julia Louis Dreyfus & Christina Applegate…both so great with comedic timing….I could go on and on.

And of course running Shriekfest…for all of it’s hard work, there has been lots of joy too.

8. You’re revered as one of the hardest working women and a genuine maven of horror. When Miss Denise Gossett is not drenched in blood on screen, what does she do for fun?

A: Awww…Haren, you have a way of making me feel so good….thank you! I have a 3 year old little girl and I enjoy playing with her, we go swimming, work in our garden, I also love hiking and spending time with my family and friends.

9. What are your thoughts on the impact of Social Media on entertainment and how has that impacted on the horror genre?

A: Wow…social media still blows me away….it’s allowing indie filmmakers to reach wider audiences and get their talents seen…it’s truly wonderful!

10. To end this interview on a chilling note, what is the one thing that truly scares you?

A: Losing the love of someone I love.

Thank you Haren.