The Must Watch TV Vixens Of Summer 2014 – Part 2


1. Christina Moore in “Jennifer Falls”

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- It’s time to include Christina Moore in the ‘Most Beautiful People On The Planet’ list for she’s ravishing be it on film, print and now surely on TV!
- She plays Carrie in “Jennifer Falls”, an old friend of Jennifer who still think she’s living the high life after a chance meeting at a health club!
- Missy Pyle who is also on the show is actually a great friend of Christina’s who got a shout out from Missy for being an amazing funny woman thanks to her perfect comic timing.

2. Kelsey Crane in “Chasing Life”

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- Watch out for the beautiful Kelsey in the new series “Chasing Life” from the 3rd episode onwards which is adapted from the Spanish-language Mexican television series “Terminales”
- She’s also guest-starred in “Scandal” which has become a significant hit and continues to have plot twists you won’t see coming.
- Her upcoming flick is “Cardinal Matter”, a tale of corporate cover-up and she’s adeptly mixing it up on the indie scene as well as TV Land.

3. Jennifer Copping in “Continuum”


- 2014 has seen Canadian Rising Starlet Jennifer Copping in our adoring view with guest-star roles on “Motive”, “Continuum” and most recently “Fargo”.
- In a recent episode of “Continuum”, She played Robin Gautuma whose company invents adaptable biopharmaceuticals and will dominate the market. Check her out (above) giving Kiera (Rachel Nichols) and Carlos a tour of their facility.
- She’s been in the skin of conflicted women in several projects and she exudes that air of fascination certain to keep us transfixed.

4. Elaine Mani Lee in “Hot In Cleveland”


- Catch her in “Hot In Cleveland” with Betty White as Elaine spouts some funny lines and is every bit as appealing doing so.
- She did prove to be enticing in the comedic web series “My Synthesized Life” and are you addicted to her sexy, kittenish voice yet?
- I first discovered her from the memorable drama “Dear Lemon Lima” and she’s enchantingly spreading her wings into thrillers as well as comedies.

5. Christine Lakin in “Melissa and Joey”


- She is reprising her role as Jackie on “Melissa and Joey” who is returning this time around as Mel’s (Melissa Joan Hart) bridesmaid.
- Check out the adorable Christine in this video message:! We already have a big crush on her!
- She is also the Guest host on Big Morning Buzz @VH1 and Alyssa Milano just appeared on the last show to rein in happy memories of the 90s.

The Most Sizzling Women @ Buffalo Niagara Film Fest 2014


1. Monique Ganderton in “Compass Rose”


- Can Monique be anymore mysterious as the women in black on the short film “Compass Rose”? She does indeed have a stunning presence and while she’s been an acclaimed stuntwoman, it’s great to gaining prominence as an actress.
- Among the celebs she’s doubled for include “Iron Man 3″ starlet Rebecca Hall as well as working on the upcoming action comedy “American Ultra” alongside Kristen Stewart. It’s time this fearless talent gets her own action show!
- TV Land is where she’s making waves from playing the formidable witch Serilda in “Sleepy Hollow” to the mentor Nelly with the powers of T in “The Tomorrow People”. Her latest appearance is on the exciting new series “The 100″ as Aurora Blake, the mother of leading lady Octavia, one of the Delinquents sent to Earth to see if it is inhabitable.

2. Jessica Cameron in “Truth Or Dare”


- Gorgeous Jessica Cameron is the prime example of what it means to achieve success through sheer dedication as she’s been gaining buzz everywhere she goes with her award-winning rivetingly bloody directorial debut “Truth Or Dare”.
- One actress today just praised me on how I’m sharing the love with so many amazing women in the acting industry and Jessica has been a constant highlight on this blog thanks to her beauty, graciousness as well as being a memorable Scream Queen.
- Her upcoming feature “Utero” is a must see with its spin on arachnophobia guaranteed to give us nightmares in this psychological body-horror flick.

3. Natali Jones and Lisa Wilcox in “Imago”

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- These two ladies have enraptured my heart with their kindness and charisma. Onscreen in the horror film “Imago” Natali and Lisa play relatives caught up in an otherwordly reality that borders the fringes of psychedelia.
- Keep your eyes peeled for Natali as Alayna Sage, a woman with psychic abilities in “Foreseeable”, a tale of mystery and supernatural mythology.
- Lisa of course is one of my screen heroines on accord of her esteemed ties with “A Nightmare On Elm Street” as the tenacious Alice. She still looks 25 and can’t wait to see her beguile us in several horror features this year.

4. Louise Linton in “The Power Of Few”


- What better than to admire this sexy blonde starlet on the rapid rise especially since Louise is starring alongside icon Christopher Walken in the crime drama “A Power Of Few”
- Looking forward to seeing Louise win plaudits from audiences as how her peers such as Karen Gillan has done recently. Yes, she was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and now America is blessed with her many charms!
- The fact that she’s taking on roles that encompass pretty much every genre is telling of her versatility that’s will see her flourish as an entertainer.