The Most Dazzling Starlets At RxSM 2014


1. Rory Uphold in “Safety”


- Rory is the writer,director and star of her first short, “Safety,” that traverses the topic of rebound and rejection, amassing a number of awards thanks to its unforgettable story.
- As depressing as “Safety” is, it’s her deeply nuanced performance that will have you wanting to see more of this rising starlet.
- Rory’s web series “Only in HelLA” is already viral and her humor-filled observations on the likes/dislikes she has for LA is entertaining with some truths attached.

2. Rebecca Davis in “Focus” and “The Wingman”


- Canadian Actresses should certainly be put on a pedestal especially when they are as perceptibly ravishing as Rebecca Davis.
- Rebecca stars in the corporate comedy “Focus” as Sara who is efficient and all business but gets frustrated with her boyfriend who can’t seem to catch a break. She also appears in “The Wingman” which is about a womanizer who seduces women with a heartbroken counselor.
- She has a new film “Ephemeral” screening at the Canadian Film Festival Canadian Film Fest from Mar 20-22 in Toronto! That’s enough reason to follow her latest work.

3. Jean Louise O’ Sullivan in “A Bates Haunting”


- Jean Louise O’ Sullivan can be acknowledged as one of the most mesmerizing actresses on the indie horror scene. In fact the camera loves her!
- She is the leading lady of the horror flick “The Bates Haunting” which despite the low budget sees Jean carrying the film as a tormented woman at the Haunted Hayride.
- Keep your eyes peeled for her in Season 2 of the FX comedy series “Legit” where she will have a recurring role as a nurse.

4. Lori Alan in “Meet My Rapist”


- Everyone should know by now Lori has one of the most curvaceous bodies in the industry and should be anointed as a sex symbol.
- She appears in the quirky short film “Meet My Rapist” as the mom of a woman who chances upon her rapist at a farmer’s market. She brings him home and as the mom, she’s quickly trying to become the center of attention!
- Comedy is definitely her forte and she has an intriguing series called “Acting Dead” that takes our zombie obsession to Hollywood.

5. Sally Greenland in “The Butcher’s Dozen”


- It’s always a boon to have an Australian actress add some enchantment to the blog and Sally has all the makings of a future star.
- Stunningly beautiful, watch her in “The Butcher’s Dozen”, a extraodinary love story where she plays a prostitute with her own interesting backstory.
- Several of her indie features have already screened at Cannes and Sally has the widespread appeal to keep many excited about her.

6. Farah White in “Slash”


- Farah White surely belongs in those hot lists that’s churned out every year and be it the red carpet or onscreen, she’s a pure sizzler.
- She’s the executive producer and also stars in “Slash”, the short film of a boy who is a Harry Potter fanatic and decides to create his own fiction. Only thing is it’s highly erotic!
- 2014 looks to be a busy year for her with multiple features that encompasses several genres and will gain her even more devotees…:)

Most Delectable TV Vixens In 2014 – Part 2


1. Cathy Baron in “Justified”


- One of the most beautiful actresses to emerge from Texas, Cathy shedded her attractiveness to play tortured junkie Teri who we hope to see more of in Season 5 of “Justified”.
- True to her nature, she’s genuinely down to earth and treasures all her fans. I’m blessed to know her as one of first actresses I’ve featured when I started this blog back in 2011.
- She has a vulnerability both on and off screen we will come to covet. This angelic talent is also a dedicated actress who is on the cusp of prominence.

2. Jessica Pimentel in “Orange Is The New Black”


- No HOT list is complete without a Latin Vixen gracing it and the foxy Jessica has already been earmarked as one of Five Beguiling Dominican Women in the much talked about series.
- She stars as Maria Ruiz in Season 2 of “Orange Is The New Black” as a new mother in prison where her character is a fascinating mix of toughness and sweetness.
- Being the lead singer of metal band Alekhine’s Gun, she smashes the stereotype of Latinas with her powerful voice and rock chick attitude.

3. Emily Swallow in “The Mentalist”


- Scoring a major part on “The Mentalist”, there’s every chance Emily will be sought after to take on even more meaty roles in keeping with her effortless versatility.
- As Special Agent Fisher, her mental chess games with Patrick Jane is going to be highly anticipated each week and she’ll be doing just as much sparring as Mr Mentalist himself.
- Tune in to see if she’s an ally or a villain in another unpredictable season as there’s going to be even more tense moments.

4. Holland Roden & Jill Wagner in “Teen Wolf”

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- Holland is like a porcelain doll in every episode, her beguiling nature grows on you and as Lydia Martin, she’s the IT Girl anyone will harbor naughty desires or otherwise.
- Even in flashbacks, Jill manages to enchant as Kate Argent, a ghost of sorts haunting Allison (Crystal Reed). Never fear as you get to see more of Jill in “Wolf Watch” after each episode.
- They both play dangerous women of sorts on “Teen Wolf” and one can say with their killer curves, both are destined to be Sex Symbols.

5. Dawn Olivieri in “House Of Lies”


- Hail as a Television Temptress, Dawn has it all to be the women to stir your loins and keep doing it on a weekly basis.
- As Monica Talbot in “House Of Lies” who possesses her own brand of doing things which may not always be right, she goes toe-to-toe with ex Marty (Don Cheadle).
- While she’s famed for being on “The Vampire Diaries”, Dawn has been the voice of Pepper Potts, Iron Man’s muse in the animated series “The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes”