Most Enchanting Women @ The Geekie Awards 2014


1. Kristen Nedopak, Luscious Maven of All Things Geekie Awards


- She is the brainchild of “The Geekie Awards” and she’s gracing the event in a super sexy “Mother Of Dragons” inspired costume which will certainly spark multitude fantasies…:)
– What better than to have the luscious Kristen Nedopak who made this show for all geeks around the world a special one year in year out.
– She promises a Better, Geekier Awards Show for attendees eand those watching the live stream at home so expect this year’s edition to be out of this world!

2. Mindy Robinson is a special guest presenter at The Geekie Awards


- Well, Mindy is one of the stars of “King Of The Nerds” and by now it should be apparent she’s a dream gal for many a geek.
– This pneumatic blonde will be presenting the best video game award alongside The Expendables star Randy Couture joining luminaries such as Stan Lee and Alison Haislip.
– She’s also one of the hardest working women in the industry with numerous roles spanning a variety of genre already locked in for this year and beyond.

3. Katherine Pawlak & Elaine Mani Lee in “Kepler X-47″

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- We can’t get enough of multi-talented women and Katherine Pawlak as well as Elaine Mani Lee are truly a delectable duo.
– Best Short Film nominee “Kepler X-47″ which stars the gorgeous twosome is a futuristic tale of a woman ill at-ease with her life as part of a human exhibit on an alien planet.
– Elaine recently appeared alongside Betty White in “Hot In Cleveland” while Katherine is making audio heaven as the vocalist of the band Sad Robot.

4. Helen Wilson in “The Hitchhiker”


- Look out for Helen in the noir meets Twilight Zone thriller “The Hitchiker” which is a Best Short Film nominee.
– Her most notable role is as Dr. Anna Freud in the first season of “Masters Of Sex” and she was recently in an episode of “Comedy Bang! Bang!”.
– Expect Helen to be seen in even more incarnations as she has the innate ability to switch facets onscreen.

5. Rileah Vanderbilt in “Wonder Woman” short film


- Wonder if Zack Snyder would have roped in Rileah as Wonder Woman in the upcoming “Batman Vs Superman” had he seen her exceptional portrayal of the Amazon Goddess.
– After all, her thrilling “Wonder Woman” short is one of the nominees for the Best 2014 Trailer and Video Award which she deserves to win!
– “The Team Unicorn Saturday Action Fun Hour!” which will see Rileah playing both live/animated counterparts alongside her fellow Team Unicorn hotties Clare Grant, Milynn Sarley, and Alison Haislip.

6. Kathy Searle in “Future Hero”


- Don’t miss this upcoming comedic starlet in “Future Hero” who plays Laura the wife of a man who encounters a time-traveling android assassin.
– Known for being a witty entertainer and with “Future Hero” being a nominee for Best Short Film, she’s set to be a dazzling talent in 2014.
– Kathy currently stars in the comedy “My Man Is A Loser” which is sure to propel her to ‘In-Demand’ status.

7. Abby Miller in “Caper”


- The number of times Abby has been on this blog can only mean one thing. The “Justified” star who is also the leading lady on “Caper” is a genuine addiction what can i say…:)
– Will “Caper” win Best Web Series seeing how it has all the ingredients of geekdom including the superhero turned criminal concept that’s uniquely compelling.
– This year she was also in the Jean Claude Van Damme heist actioner “Swelter” and she’s every bit as comely in her role as Peaches, a gangster’s moll.

The Must Watch TV Vixens Of Summer 2014 – Part 2


1. Christina Moore in “Jennifer Falls”

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- It’s time to include Christina Moore in the ‘Most Beautiful People On The Planet’ list for she’s ravishing be it on film, print and now surely on TV!
– She plays Carrie in “Jennifer Falls”, an old friend of Jennifer who still think she’s living the high life after a chance meeting at a health club!
– Missy Pyle who is also on the show is actually a great friend of Christina’s who got a shout out from Missy for being an amazing funny woman thanks to her perfect comic timing.

2. Kelsey Crane in “Chasing Life”

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- Watch out for the beautiful Kelsey in the new series “Chasing Life” from the 3rd episode onwards which is adapted from the Spanish-language Mexican television series “Terminales”
– She’s also guest-starred in “Scandal” which has become a significant hit and continues to have plot twists you won’t see coming.
– Her upcoming flick is “Cardinal Matter”, a tale of corporate cover-up and she’s adeptly mixing it up on the indie scene as well as TV Land.

3. Jennifer Copping in “Continuum”


- 2014 has seen Canadian Rising Starlet Jennifer Copping in our adoring view with guest-star roles on “Motive”, “Continuum” and most recently “Fargo”.
– In a recent episode of “Continuum”, She played Robin Gautuma whose company invents adaptable biopharmaceuticals and will dominate the market. Check her out (above) giving Kiera (Rachel Nichols) and Carlos a tour of their facility.
– She’s been in the skin of conflicted women in several projects and she exudes that air of fascination certain to keep us transfixed.

4. Elaine Mani Lee in “Hot In Cleveland”


- Catch her in “Hot In Cleveland” with Betty White as Elaine spouts some funny lines and is every bit as appealing doing so.
– She did prove to be enticing in the comedic web series “My Synthesized Life” and are you addicted to her sexy, kittenish voice yet?
– I first discovered her from the memorable drama “Dear Lemon Lima” and she’s enchantingly spreading her wings into thrillers as well as comedies.

5. Christine Lakin in “Melissa and Joey”


- She is reprising her role as Jackie on “Melissa and Joey” who is returning this time around as Mel’s (Melissa Joan Hart) bridesmaid.
– Check out the adorable Christine in this video message:! We already have a big crush on her!
– She is also the Guest host on Big Morning Buzz @VH1 and Alyssa Milano just appeared on the last show to rein in happy memories of the 90s.