Austin Film Fest 2013 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Sarah Taylor

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How we idolize the women who tickle our funny bone and SARAH TAYLOR is a Stand-up Comedienne/Actress with a bouyant spirit we will adore. Certainly her pristine smile is one of her best assets as is her playful traits that many have been receptive towards. She is playing Cindy Williams in “The Golden Scallop” who along with her husband Steve runs The Caped Cod fried-fish restaurant which is in the running for “The Golden Scallop” award. In the clip (above), SARAH’s slightly husky voice is rather beguiling (at least for me) and we will love how she’s subtly engaging as a comic which she has impressed upon us in her range of work.

Visit the SARAH TAYLOR OFFICIAL SITE and be entertained by her reel. She has also been on TV in shows such as “Bunheads” and “In Gayle We Trust”. In the latter, she wowed audiences as the kooky and loveable Mrs Anderson. When in character, she’s usually multi-faceted which means SARAH is equipped with a universal appeal. One interesting fact about SARAH is that she’s also a meditation teacher who has helped those who seek a peaceful, more relaxing life. Sounds like I would need that lesson and yet there is many more to discover about the adorable SARAH. It’s time you showed a fondness for her as well…:)

ScreamFest LA Spotlight: Ravishing Redhead Nicole Wyland

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Multi-faceted cutie Nicole Wyland possesses a lively charisma that makes her extremely appealing on any medium. Throw in her accomplishments as a singer/model and you have a lady that’s primed for fascination. It so happens yet another horror festival rolls into town this week and NICOLE is in a short film that promises to deliver intrigue. ScreamFest comes to LA and October 9 is the premiere of “Capstone’s Oak” starring the enchanting Nicole in a tale of greed where it is discovered that burying the dead can conjure the spoils of money. If that’s not thought-provoking enough, watch her in dark horror comedy “The Death Together”. She plays Holly, one of several house guests who are invited to a gathering by a host who had just accidentally killed his wife! Will anyone survive as he tries to keep his deathly secret from them? From the awesome trailer, her character could well be a potential love interest unless of course she discovers the dead body!! Enamored yet? Then the NICOLE WYLAND OFFICIAL SITE is the portal to read up on her. You will soon discover she can be mighty interesting and a little naughty on the web too.

Her humorous rendition of the Lady Gaga hit “Applause” while not as outlandish does have some sauciness attached to it. Instead of the hand cupping bras of the original, NICOLE dons a bra made of sausages in the parody “Hot Dogs”! We actually have to applaud the bravado of NICOLE in immersing herself in the mad world of Lady Gaga. Everyone knows it takes a great deal of effort to conceptualize and execute them ubiquitously funny youtube videos. She has also starred as Moonchild, a charming gun-wielding sidekick (who fires sunflowers instead of bullets) in the viral video “Flower Warfare: The Beginning” which went on to amass 3 millions+ views! NICOLE WYLAND is a name well worth noticing and she can only get even better.