Action On Film Festival Spotlight 2014: Indie Queen Calista Carradine

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An enigmatic, multi-talented actress in her own right, Calista Carradine is showing us why we should rightly be fond of her. She is of course the daughter of the legendary David Carradine, famed for his exceptional work on “Kung Fu” as well as numerous movies. Calista grew up learning martial arts and having caught the acting bug, she now inhabits the pugilist arena among many others. She’s even been honored as Miss Golden Globe which till today honors children of celebrities. Since Action on Film does celebrate amazing action-oriented movies, catch Calista in “The Jade Trader” screening on 28th August. In this martial arts flick, Calista is in a supporting role and she also happens to be co-producing it. Continuing the legacy her father left, Free Carradine, her brother is also starring in the film which is about the struggle between a jade trader and a triad leader.

Calista can also be seen in the upcoming indie slasher “Hitchhiker Massacre” and “Mansion Of Blood”. She’s someone who’s not content to just sit on her pedigree, choosing to create and entertain the masses. Calista is handy with a guitar and influenced by greats such as Janis Joplin, she dazzles with her soulful country tunes. While I haven’t had the pleasure to watch her sing, from the videos I’ve seen, she can definitely Rock The World!

Don’t forget to check out the CALISTA CARRADINE OFFICIAL SITE for the latest updates.

Latin Vixen: Rebecca Galarza

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Our obsession with Latin actresses is reaching fever pitch and the foxy Rebecca Galarza is certainly part of this wave of adulation. With the release of “Let’s Be Cops” come 13th August, we will get a glimpse of the multi-talented Rebecca in the buddy action comedy. Being a singer, dancer and model adds extra layers of appeal for this lovely actress who is also starring in “King’s Gambit” which is due for release in 2014. It’s a fantastical story of a man who controls the fate of the world with the use of a mystic journal. Rebecca plays Ashley, one of his close friends helping him to harness this life-changing powers!

We won’t need any powers to fall in love with Rebecca as she’s the quintessential sweetheart. Just last year, she played The Virgin Mary in a Seaworld Orlandos’ Christmas show called “O Wondrous Night” which would have favored her innocent looks after all. Plus, Rebecca is photogenic and carries a gorgeous smile, catching the eye be it on film or print. There’s no time like the present to celebrate fresh young faces like Rebecca who are going to attract our attention in the very near future.