Sexy Siren: Kelly Ryan

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It’s prominently Blonde Fever this week and its about to get hotter thanks to the luscious KELLY RYAN. Her guest-starring role as a client of ‘Mr Big’ Ray Drecker (Thomas Jane) on Season 2 of Hung may be brief yet it’s notably skintastic and KELLY does have a fabulous figure. A woman’s body is her temple for which men should go out of their way to appreciate and we often emphatically do…:) The show is just at the beginning of its second season and in keeping with the steamy nature of the series, there’s been a parade of exquisite ladies who never fail to excite our senses. When is the ‘Women Of Hung’ calendar coming out I wonder?? Nude scenes are never easy and I salute Kelly for being courageously adventurous in her craft. It’s her sheer dedication and attention to detail to every role she undertakes that led to her Best Actress Nomination for the unsettling short film “Turn Around”. She convincingly portrays the darker side of Christy Logan, an unfulfilled wife and mother who turns to the internet to satiate her innermost desires by partaking in wanton sex with strangers. Deep down, we all have lascivious desires of our own and the exhibitionist side of her character is laid bare with realistic depth by the accomplished KELLY.

For me the indelible moment is when the camera pans on her face, the furrows of discontent (the desperation for self gratification) and despair (as the deception starts gnawing on her psyche) etched ever so excruciatingly. That’s the measure of her acting acumen and let’s hope KELLY gets her day in the sun to bite into similarly meaty parts in the near future. It’s true that it only takes one instant to be mesmeric and KELLY so capably sustains avid interest no matter the role she embodies.

Latin Vixen: Vivi Pineda

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5000 of her Twitter followers are surely in unison when acknowledging VIVI PINEDA as a very delectable talent. I have to admit VIVI and the bevy of sexy women on “The Glades” are becoming a guilty pleasure for me week in, week out. In fact, I’ve anointed her as “The Glades” Hottie for being so irresistible in her role as Mandy The Bartender in the episode “Bird In The Hand” which I watched recently. This photogenic lady has the sultry curves that we find so enticing, exuding a magnetic personality many will fall heads over heels for! Is it her immaculate olive skin and shimmering flowing locks that appeals? Could it be her Colombian-born comeliness that’s ever so breathtaking? Or maybe it’s her Latin congeniality that so often has movie fans entranced; Whatever it may be, this Bilingual actress, model and host fulfills every criteria just mentioned and her approachable nature makes her extra special…:) Get to know this gorgeous starlet at the one and only VIVI PINEDA OFFICIAL SITE. The voluptuous VIVI is in prime position to be a Hot Girl Of Summer once you chanced upon pics of her bikini-clad self…:)

Why not join Vivi Pineda on Twitter and be part of her ever growing strong fanbase to keep yourselves updated on the projects she has in the works. Recurring roles on telenovelas such as the popular spanish soap opera “Perro Amor” as well as a wealth of short films/features sees her gracing national and international markets. Even as far as here in Asia, we are able to get a taste of what she can provide in terms of viewing pleasure. When it comes to appreciating Hot Chicas such as Miss Vivi Pineda, there’s no better time to do so then the present!