Hollyshorts Film Festival 2014 Spotlight: Canadian Vixen Saba Homayoon

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In view of the constant appreciation of beautiful actresses on this blog, the very cute Saba Homayoon is deserving of praise. Get a glimpse of her at the 2014 edition of Hollyshorts in “The Key”, a comical short that is as much awkward as it’s interesting. Playing the wife of a man who unexpectedly stumbles upon him and his best friend in an act that changes their lives forever! “The Key” being an instrument borne out of male bonding that’s way too physical especially for a married man. It’s going to generate some serious laughter for any viewer…:)

Saba has been raising her gorgeous family and while she’s scaled down her time onscreen, she’s never far from our minds. Her previous work include starring in the pilot of the huge hit “How I Met Your Mother” as well as an episode of “NCIS”. Saba even played a genie on the much beloved show “Charmed” which is one of my favorite growing up. With her sweet voice and exotic features (she has Iranian roots), we would love to see her return be it on TV or any other medium. We do know that Canadian actresses have that undeniable charming facade and let’s hope Saba graces us with her presence once more.

Rising Starlet: Meeghan Holaway

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Successful stage,film and television thesp Meeghan Holaway is enchanting in her own distinctive way having played several fearless characters in her time. From an interview I chanced upon, Meeghan had this to say about her craft “I keep trying to be a better actor today than I was yesterday” signalling her absolute dedication. This is just pleasing to the ears as we get hooked on the ever expanding universe of television and being enraptured by the lovely ladies on the small screen. Her most recent and memorable role was as Amanda Burke in “Switched At Birth” playing the lawyer of John and Kathryn Kennish helping with their case against the negligent hospital. That is until she was caught smooching with a hospital board member and landed in hot soup…ooh Scandalous! The wavy pixie cut does suit Meeghan, elevating her sexiness somewhat and I have a feeling many would agree.

For “Criminal Minds” fans who have followed the show till Season 9, catch Meeghan in the most recent episode “The Road Home”. She appears pretty early on and conversing with Joe Mantegna’s David Rossi who is trying to find a suspect of a spree killing. The monster hit series “NCIS” has been another she’s guest-starred in and she’s lend her foxy voice to the animated series “TRON: Uprising”. Hers is a face to adore and most will be pleased to hear she doesn’t shy away from any part even one that she has never performed in front of a live audience. Following Meeghan is going to be one of the fascinating things to look forward to in 2014.