Gorno Buzz: Actress In The News (April 2014)


Rising Starlet Annie Quinn Dazzles on Season 2 of “Legit”


- Watch her play the perky Marie on “Legit” who is the assistant of Mike Mert, agent to leading man Jim Jefferies. Jim does approve of her and gives this very praise “she’s very good this one, keep her” on the episode ‘Afghanistan’. On that note, viewers will fall in love with Annie’s comeliness both on and off screen.
- I may not have a video of her appearance on “Legit” but hers is a recurring role so start a passion movement for her. Annie has also been on the fantastic “House” and very recently on “Drop Dead Diva” (see above).


- Annie was one of the very first supporters of my blog. In fact she was the fifth actress that was featured and I was lucky enough to receive her autograph.

Must Watch Hotties in 2014 and Beyond: The Luscious Ladies of “Haunting Of The Innocent”


- Starlets Autumn Federici, Mariah Bonner, Hannah Cowley and Jessica Morris are the fab foursome who each bring their own distinctive allure to the supernatural flick “Haunting Of The Innocent”.
- It has already been released on RedBox, iTunes, and Hulu so viewers will have plenty of time to start obsessing over these gorgeous femmes.
- Sometimes swooning over the attractive nature of actresses is a given, so here are more pics of them from the publicity shoot they did. The style of the shoot has a carnival feel with rather darkly, fanciful tone and each actress sizzles from head to toe.

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Canadian Vixen Ellen Dubin voices characters of the Video Game “The Elder Scrolls Online”


- Her sensual voice is now part of popular gaming lore seeing how she’s provided voiceover for several characters in the trailer of the epic game “The Elder Scrolls Online”.
- Likewise she was eye-catching on the recent horror-comedy “Dead Before Dawn 3D” where she played a mom turn zemon (zombie/demon hybrid). Check out her scenes (above) which includes a gross segment (by way of a toilet brush) at the end!
- If ever there was an award for Most Pleasant Actress On The Planet, it should be awarded to the positively genial and super talented Miss Ellen Dubin…:)

Canadian Vixen: Carinne Leduc

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Believe me when I say upcoming actresses from Canada are really sizzling all over the globe and Carinne Leduc has the piercing sensuality to be a hit with viewers. As they have also done many a time on this blog, Canada’s finest are certainly some of the fresh faces on the way to fulfilling their promise. Quebec starlet Carinne stars as medical doctor Juliet and has a major part in the beginning of action thriller “Ice Soldiers” which has just been released on DVD/Blu-Ray. She and her team of scientist discover the bodies of three frozen genetically modified Russians buried in the Canadian North and awaken them from their slumber. One can only guess the mayhem that ensues when we as humans tinker with the unknown. A path of destruction is left by the Red Army super soldiers (watch the film to find out the fate of Carinne’s character Juliet). Fast forward 50 years later, another scientist Dr Malraux (Dominic Purcell) unknowingly thaws the Russian beasts and they start unleashing hell once more. Many agree that Carinne is exceptionally believable when she takes to the screen and her soulful eyes are more than capable of moving us. She is an artistic soul and she’s set to enrich us with her cultured enterprise in all her roles.

Fans of “Murdoch Mysteries” will know her as Sanura Lenoir, a vengeance-seeking descendant of the Pharaohs in its exclusive online webseries and she turned out to be thoroughly bewitching as the callous,lesbian temptress Rachel in “Mr Viral”. Carinne is surely blessed with the magnetic aura and she effortlessly channels it with a foxy guile. Carinne is also in demand for her voice work which she has acknowledge to be tons of fun! There is a feature film called “Michel et Sylvie” to be shot in Montreal in the coming year where she’ll get to play Sylvie, a mentaly disabled woman. It’s an amazing script and may just affirm her credentials as a standout performer.

Drop by the CARINNE LEDUC OFFICIAL SITE and be prepared to be awed by her.