Must Watch Starlets @ United Film Fest 2014


1. Ilana Guralnik in “Nowhere Girl”


- Just like the tagline for her romantic drama “Nowhere Girl” goes ‘He’d be crazy not to fall in love with her’, it clearly refers to Ilana’s delightful attractiveness.
- Lauded as the perfect blend of cute, sexy and charming in her role as Katy, Ilana clearly is a face deserving of constant fondness.
- The raunchy comedy “Cavemen” is another film she’s in and there’s no doubt she belongs in the pantheon of that super hot female cast.

2. Seri DeYoung in “In-Touch”


- Being enchanted with eternal cuties like Seri is a must. Discovering that she’s an accomplished writer and director means we’ve overwhelmingly enamored.
- Don’t miss her in the short film “In-Touch” a refreshing spin on finding true romantic connections during this digital age.
- Having started in the horror genre and even appearing on the iconic “Breaking Bad”, Seri is proving her worth as an indie sweetheart.

3. Tarah DeSpain in “Burnout”


- A natural comedian, Tarah is potently appealing as the girl-next-door pot dealer turned foot hooker in the entertaining “Burnout”.
- Her character Ada can turn out to be just as memorable as Walter White or Nancy Botwin as Tarah plays her in such a quirky, enthralling fashion.
- With her shining in the horror comedy “Stomping Ground” about the Bigfoot myth, Tarah should be anointed as an indie breakout star!

4. Katie L. Hall in “4 Point Oh!?”


- Don’t miss this perky genius of comedy in her new short film “4 Point Oh!? as she plays yet another interesting multifarious character.
- Who can forget her running stark naked in the comedy “Act Naturally” and with a sequel in the works, there’s a lot of reasons to keep fixated on Katie.
- She is an amazing talent and can bring on the laughs at any moment. Who needs a big budget when you can crack audiences up like Katie does onscreen.

5. Maria Olsen in “Live-In Fear”


- Maria is both the producer and actress of “Live-In Fear” which has been described as one of the most disturbing films ever made.
- She is recognized for her excellent performances in various guises especially in the horror genre and this time she’s just as massively creepy.
- With Maria expanding into the field of screenwriting, it’s foreseeable that she’s establishing herself as one of the horrors endearing icons.

6. Tara Samuel in “The Interview”

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- With her features “The Drain”, The Rwanda Blend” and “Ruby Booby” making a splash at numerous film festivals, Tara could be soon become one of Canada’s revered indie darlings.
- While there’s no trailer, her surrealistic short film “The Interview” is yet another feather on her cap and expected to capture our attention.
- Undeniably gorgeous, fans will love how she transforms into the skin of bold women caught up in daunting situations.

7. Tara Cardinal in “Legend Of The Red Reaper”


- The world is lucky to have a massively dedicated and Über gorgeous film-maker in the form of Tara Cardinal.
- Call her the Xena or Wonder Woman of the indie world if you will as she’s a kiss-ass heroine as The Red Reaper, looking stunning as she breaks bones.
- Witch flicks are on a high so expect Tara to put a spell on you in her upcoming film “Sorority Of The Damned”

Hollyshorts Film Festival 2014 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Cassidy Brown

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Thanks to the indie scene we are once more given the chance to be captivated by the adorable actress Cassidy Brown. She can be seen in “Ganas” at this year’s Hollyshorts which screens on Aug 19. The premise of this dramatic short is riveting with Cassidy starring as Clara whose has to survive the unforgiving retribution from gangsters after her husband skip town due to his heavy debt. Despite not being able to find a trailer, Cassidy can be affecting on screen as noted in her other feature which is “Girlfriend 19″.

Catch her in another spellbinding performance in the psychological romance “Girlfriend 19″ where she’s the lead character Bethany who is mired in hallucinations after the unexpected return of her ex. Just from the trailer (above), Cassidy is mesmerizing and the content itself raises interesting questions on the psyche of people who have been hurt by their loved ones. Add the fact that the film is actually taking place over one day and how Cassidy delve into the emotional pain of Bethany is worth the watch. Keep and eye for Cassidy as hopefully she gets to shine once more in yet another interesting role in the near future.