SIFF 2014 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Dina Shihabi

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Her comely essence is eye-catching and Dina Shihabi should be a young talent to yearn for in the coming months. Dina is the leading lady of “Sam & Amira” appearing as Amira, an Iraqi immigrant who is the love interest of Sam an army veteran. Will the clash of cultures and the fear of Amira’s impending deportation get in the way of their budding romance? Watch out for Paul Wesley of “The Vampire Diaries” fame as Sam’s cousin who works on Wall Street. According to Dina, Paul is absolutely wonderful and so is Martin Starr in what has been her best experience ever! One can never know for Dina might one day be on “The Vampire Diaries” too. She will be gracing the premiere as well as the after party of “Sam and Amira” at the Seattle International Film Festival 2014!

Dina also has a supporting role in the independent feature film “Cigarette Soup” about an aspiring journalist embedded with a small band of American soldiers in Afghanistan. Did you know that Dina is the first Arab woman to ever be accepted to both NYU and Juilliard, an outstanding feat indeed! She has also honed a solid background in theater having taken the stage countless times and enchanted audiences. While she may not yet be a household name, Dina has shown plenty of promise and could one day be a sought after actress.

Indie Darlings Sizzling Up Dances With Film 2014 – Part 1


1. Kinga Philipps in “The Mourning”


- An accomplished TV Host, Kinga is now heading for success on film and was recently seen opposite Machete’s Danny Trejo in the actioner “20 Ft Below: The Darkness Descending”
– “In “The Mourning” she plays Andrea whose brother Aaron returns a changed man after being MIA in Desert Storm, the mystery of his disappearance could well be alien-related!
– This Polish-born beauty exudes sheer magnetism and we do not mind one bit to be attracted to Kinga’s multi-faceted talents.

2. Elizabeth Hirsch-Tauber in “A New Leaf”


- Cuteness is a commodity of an actress that’s often pegged as being desirable and Elizabeth is the perfect example of being thoroughly lovable.
– Her ever youthful features is also a boon and the relatable aspects of her makeup will easily connect with audiences the world over.
– Elizabeth is a must-watch in “A New Leaf” as Sam, a woman who starts to question her direction in life after an unexpected encounter at her grocery store workplace.

3. Gabrielle Stone in “The Jazz Funeral”


- Her string of intense performances in indie films are steadily thrusting Gabrielle into the spotlight and she’s getting increasingly mesmerizing with each role.
– Gabrielle’s mum Dee Wallace is also in the drama “The Jazz Funeral” and she’s widely regarded as one of the finest Scream Queens. She recently appeared on “Grimm” as Alice, Monroe’s Blutbad mother.
– With horror features such as “Zombie Killers: Elephant’s Graveyard” and “Dead Quiet” in the works, Gabrielle is establishing herself as a bewitching horror hottie.

4. Samantha Figura in “Life Is Sweet”

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- Samantha stars in the short film “Life Is Sweet” and enchants as Emma who proceeds to show Noah, a small town ice cream man the hidden wonders of his hometown.
– She is delectable with a capital ‘D’ and it’s fitting that Samantha is the apple of someone’s eyes as she’s an appealing romantic leading lady.
– Channeling the coquettish femininity with such polish, this cute blonde has all of our hearts hooked and the passion is here to stay!

5. Melissa Stephens & Lori Alan in “Meet My Rapist”

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- Both are extremely delicious women who have a penchant for excelling in comedic features and possess the knack to turn us on each time.
– Melissa proved she’s pretty saucy on the hit show “Californication” and likewise Lori is stunning as the cougar Mrs Robbins on “The Hard Times of RJ Berger”
– Catch the gorgeous duo in the controversial “Meet My Rapist” about a violated woman who brings the perpetrator home to meet her parents. The shock resonates especially since this short film cuts close to real life!

6. Breeda Wool in “Miss Miao”


- From Soho to Dances With Films, Breeda is becoming a fixture on the indie festival circuit and we are all intrigued by how magical she is onscreen.
– Watch her in “Miss Miao” where she plays Patrice, a young woman who exchanges her dreams for a gift with a mysterious tea shop owner, the titular Miss Miao.
– As she has shown in the quirky drama “Lambing Season”, she’s adept at offbeat roles that will definitely grow her fanbase.

7. Jaimi Paige in “Tuesday Morning”

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- A perennial dazzler in a number of film festivals, Jaimi continues to keep us fixated thanks to her glowing smile and riveting portrayals.
– Don’t miss her in “Grisly” where she is Carolyn Bronnicke, a mutated girl with webbed hands who becomes an experiment for the crazies at the CIA.
– Watch a scene from “Tuesday Morning” at the start of her reel ( as her character Jewels Starr is in a tryst with her lover Rick even though they’re both married.