Hollyshorts Film Festival 2014 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Cassidy Brown

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Thanks to the indie scene we are once more given the chance to be captivated by the adorable actress Cassidy Brown. She can be seen in “Ganas” at this year’s Hollyshorts which screens on Aug 19. The premise of this dramatic short is riveting with Cassidy starring as Clara whose has to survive the unforgiving retribution from gangsters after her husband skip town due to his heavy debt. Despite not being able to find a trailer, Cassidy can be affecting on screen as noted in her other feature which is “Girlfriend 19″.

Catch her in another spellbinding performance in the psychological romance “Girlfriend 19″ where she’s the lead character Bethany who is mired in hallucinations after the unexpected return of her ex. Just from the trailer (above), Cassidy is mesmerizing and the content itself raises interesting questions on the psyche of people who have been hurt by their loved ones. Add the fact that the film is actually taking place over one day and how Cassidy delve into the emotional pain of Bethany is worth the watch. Keep and eye for Cassidy as hopefully she gets to shine once more in yet another interesting role in the near future.

SIFF 2014 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Dina Shihabi

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Her comely essence is eye-catching and Dina Shihabi should be a young talent to yearn for in the coming months. Dina is the leading lady of “Sam & Amira” appearing as Amira, an Iraqi immigrant who is the love interest of Sam an army veteran. Will the clash of cultures and the fear of Amira’s impending deportation get in the way of their budding romance? Watch out for Paul Wesley of “The Vampire Diaries” fame as Sam’s cousin who works on Wall Street. According to Dina, Paul is absolutely wonderful and so is Martin Starr in what has been her best experience ever! One can never know for Dina might one day be on “The Vampire Diaries” too. She will be gracing the premiere as well as the after party of “Sam and Amira” at the Seattle International Film Festival 2014!

Dina also has a supporting role in the independent feature film “Cigarette Soup” about an aspiring journalist embedded with a small band of American soldiers in Afghanistan. Did you know that Dina is the first Arab woman to ever be accepted to both NYU and Juilliard, an outstanding feat indeed! She has also honed a solid background in theater having taken the stage countless times and enchanted audiences. While she may not yet be a household name, Dina has shown plenty of promise and could one day be a sought after actress.