French Vixen: Louise Monot

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The enigmatic allure we’ve long associated with French women is so addictive and fast rising French Model/Actress Louise Monot is herself pretty irresistible. She is starring in “The After”, the Pilot from Sci-Fi guru Chris Carter with a mythos that could have audiences lapping it all up as he’s done before with the hugely successful “The X-Files”. Louise plays Gigi Generau who happens to be an aspiring actress who becomes the central character in a group of 8 coming together in the face of what could well be an otherworldly invasion. EW has a first look at the mystery that will unfold: and “The After” is available at for viewing and reviews are favorable especially since the creepy ending is on a riveting level! One has already praised Miss Louise Monot as being incredibly gorgeous and fun to watch, deserving accolades I’m sure. There’s so many shades of Gigi yet to be uncovered and there’s an unnerving edginess which is so intriguing to explore. For instance, what becomes of her husband and beloved daughter with the end of the world scenario that could be coming?

The X-Files army aka X-philes will no doubt push “The After” into a full-fledged season. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Louise is also starring in the cross-cultural romantic comedy “Girl On A Bicycle”. As C├ęcile, she is the object of affection of Paolo, a Paris tour bus driver who encounters her as the titular “Girl On A Bicycle”. Be it infatuation or concern, he proceeds to care for her after an accident and has his life turned upside down. Complicated further by his gorgeous German stewardess girlfriend Greta (Nora Tschirner), this is a love triangle with an endearing free-spiritedness. You will start to believe why Louise could well be a coveted screen sweetheart in no time. If she’s allowed the avenue to grow her character Gigi in “The After”, we’re looking at Louise being a visual pleasure on both the big and small screens.

Indie Princess: Rachel Noll

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Rachel Noll is on the cusp of becoming a much sought after actress and is already giving us a glimpse of her relatably mesmerizing potential. In addition to being a delectable face onscreen, she’s also a writer and producer with the most notable thing to date being her feature film “Don’t Pass My By”. It’s a vignette style drama about regret, love and second chances which she wrote, produced, and played a starring role. It has already been released on Video on demand and DVD worldwide. Her character is Hannah Walters, a young woman who finds out she has terminal cancer, and then meets the love of her life. Funny how love sometimes work that way in not always having that perfect timing. Rachel depicts with soulfulness in the being of this woman who is grappling with matters of the heart and her deteriorating health. In fact all the female characters are beautifully written and one can almost fathom there’s going to be tear-inducing moments in reference to the film’s melancholic tone. “Don’t Pass My By” is a must-see especially since February is the month of love and we’re less than two weeks away from Valentine’s Day…:)

She also has 2 other features in development, one called “Daisy Delivered”, a quirky romantic dramedy whereby she co-wrote the script and will be playing Daisy, the title character. She’s also working on a film called “Follow the River”, this time round an intimate, character driven western. She will be the lead female role, Annie Denzil and she doubled up as a scriptwriter in this project. Aside from those features, Rachel just completed three short films that will be premiering shortly and has supporting roles in the films “Me Without You” and “The Jesuit”, both currently in post production. In the action thriller “The Jesuit” which tells of a man’s quest for revenge, Rachel joins an amazing cast which includes Tim Roth, Tommy Flanagan, Shannyn Sossamon and Paz Vega. With her eye for bringing to life stories that stir the hearts and for being emotionally invested in the roles she’s essayed, the spotlight and audience approval is quickly heading in Rachel’s direction.

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