Rising Starlet: Ilana Guralnik

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Russian-born Ilana Guralnik could very well be the dream girl for many both on and off screen on accord of her heavenly beauty. She’s the leading lady in “Nowhere Girl” opposite Josh Robert Thompson and Jennifer Aspen. Playing Katy who is basically the perfect girl, we soon find out his infatuation for her is imagined by Tyler (Josh Robert Thompson) in order to get out of his depression after a breakup. Is she real or is she just a figment of his imagination? Ilana dons sassy red hair as Katy but it’s her soulful blue eyes that will leave you entranced. Ilana was actually hand picked by the director after a very extensive online search with over a hundred submissions which goes to show she can indeed be a captivator of hearts. The indie drama “Her” championed the sentimental yet intimate look at relationships giving it a unique spin and likewise “Nowhere Girl” shines as its own ode to loneliness. What both the leading man have in common are their so-called ‘Unhealthy’ liaison with fictitious paramours but who’s to say it’s not the opposite. IMDB lists “Nowhere Girl” as being one of the most popular trailers so catch the gorgeous Ilana in its entirety.

She can also be seen in the romantic comedy “Cavemen” and certainly belongs in what is one of the most luscious female ensemble (i.e. Alexis Knapp, Camilla Belle,etc) we are so blessed to admire. On the web series “JewDate”, she plays Patricia who happens to get a rise out of her boyfriend or did she? Watch the episode ‘Sisyphus’ and start having a chuckle or two..:) The common thread I’m sensing is the accessible and inviting nature of Ilana which wouldn’t take long for us to form an avid fascination.

Rising Starlet: Natalie Burn

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2014 is turning out to be the breakthrough year for Ukrainian born vixen Natalie Burn as she’s a most enticing figure in a number of upcoming features. First up is “Nymph” which was filmed in Serbia and set to ignite avid interest in aquatic folklore. Yet again another water-themed horror film to get us thrilled and scared at the same time, Natalie joins Kristina Klebe in this legend of a bloodthirsty mermaid. Natalie is Lucy, a women who is on a Mediterranean vacation with her friend Kelly (Miss Klebe) and discover the terrifying tale of the mermaid is all too real as it lives beneath an abandoned military fortress. While we get glimpses of Natalie’s amazing body as she’s cavorting in a skimpy bikini, she could turn out to be one of the most luscious Scream Queens especially since she’s already filming a few more terror-laden films. Some may know choose to call her a Russian Minx but I like to see Natalie as a stunning woman who is versatile in any role and has the essence to captivate for the long haul.

She will reunite with Dolph Lundgren in “The Expendables 3″ after having starred with him previously in the actioner “In the Name of the King: Two Worlds”. Natalie is playing Kristina Conrad, the wife of Mel Gibson’s character Conrad Stonebanks who has a beef with Team Expendables setting him up as the villain of this insanely violent third outing. Great to see the sultry Natalie adding the female quotient in what has been a testosterone-filled classic old-school actioner with the previous 2 instalments. She’s also a temptation for the eyes in the new indie comedy “The Boys At The Bar” and the trailer (above) sees Natalie as Sister Mary who surprises everyone with a little striptease. Very soon, all of us will be craving for more of Natalie, the soon-to-be screen goddess…:)

Remember to drop by the NATALIE BURN OFFICIAL SITE for more updates. There are some on set pics of Natalie from “The Expendables 3″ well worth a look.