The Must Watch Screen Hotties At Tribeca Film Festival 2014


1. Maria Dizzia in “Sweepstakes” & “X/Y”


- Her ability to portray complexity while still making her characters believable is why Maria Dizzia should be regarded as an indie starlet the world should covet.
- First up is the short film “Sweepstakes” where she stars as Lori, a new mother contemplating the life she could have experienced before everything became complicated.
- Second is the drama “X/Y”, a look at relationships within a circle of friends in New York and she joins a star-studded cast including America Ferrera as well as rapper Common.

2. Melanie Papalia in “Extraterrestial”


- The big news for Melanie is of course her recurring role on Season 4 of “Suits” playing the witty Amy, Mike Ross’ (Patrick J. Adams) new executive secretary at Sidwell.
- Before that, be prepared to be frightened as Canadian Vixen Melanie stars in the cabin in the woods meets alien invasion film “Extraterrestial”
- While I couldn’t find any trailer of “Extraterrestial”, you can be sure Melanie will be riveting as she has done in her previous horror flick “The Den”.

3. Summer Crockett Moore in “Trust Me, I’m a Lifeguard”


- Her sizzling scene as the trampy Margaret in the trailer of the comedy “Trust Me, I’m a Lifeguard” (watch above) should warrant Summer a long period of obsession.
- Most notably for her was the huge success as the star of “Junction” which won multiple awards and installed her as an indie darling.
- It’s fitting that even before Summer begins, she is the ravishing redhead very much on her way to stir our senses.

4. Lexi Atkins in “Zombeavers”


- Most will know Lexi as Miss Illinois USA 2014 and she’s blessed with luminous beauty as well as an approachable personality that will endear herself to fans.
- Those nasty critters from her movie “Zombeavers” are not the only ones who desire her as many of us will be mesmerized by how gorgeous she is in every frame.
- Isn’t it great that horror/comedy flicks such as “Zombeavers” are making a splash at a prestigious film fest in Tribeca and hastening our addiction for upcoming starlets like Lexi.

5. Halley Feiffer in “Glass Chin”


- Film festivals wouldn’t be the same without a feature starring the supremely talented Halley Feiffer and you can catch her in the drama “Glass Chin”.
- If quirky cuteness is ever classified as a drug then we don’t mind being hooked on this wonderful trait that Halley so often embodies.
- No trailer yet for “Glass Chin” but watch the clip of Halley Feiffer’s outstanding performance in “He’s Way More Famous Than You” to see why she’s the quintessential indie sweetheart.

6. Elizabeth Schmidt in “Every Secret Thing”


- Her Best Actress win for the horror film “Incident on Highway 73″ showcased her impressive talent to strikingly memorable even within a shorter time frame.
- Looks like there will be two Elizabeths captivating us in the crime drama “Every Secret Thing”, Elizabeth Schmidt is without a doubt easy on the eyes as is the ever popular Elizabeth Banks.
- While there’s no trailer for “Every Secret Thing”, the upcoming feature “Surviving A Funeral” (watch above) will showcase Elizabeth’s enigmatic appeal , the hostile sister of a music writer attending their grandfather’s funeral.

7. Lynn Shelton in “Lucky Them”


- Having directed some of the biggest starlets such as Emily Blunt and Rosemarie DeWitt, Lynn is herself an accomplished actress and has those charming features we never forget.
- She can be seen opposite Toni Collette in “Lucky Them” that tells of a rock critic searching for the musician who abandoned her 10 years ago.
- Representing the dynamism of women in the industry, she’s consistently enthralled as a storyteller having created several clever tales that push the boundaries.

8. Makinna Ridgway in “The Boy Scout”


- For those who are in love with the haunting beauty of Tatiana Maslany, might I suggest raven haired temptress Makinna Ridgway who is a picture of pure allure.
- Don’t miss her in the thrilling “The Boy Scout” as Leah,a woman who is trapped in a car following a freak snowstorm and confronts the reality of how to survive.
- One of the most photogenic actresses I’ve come across, Makinna has also dazzled as a member of the saucy dance troupe known as the Satin Dollz.

Canadian Vixen: Michelle Thrush

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Without a doubt, Michelle Thrush has been one of the most compelling women on Canadian television and one of the shining lights of the industry. The riveting series “Blackstone” made her a household name and she continues to mesmerize audiences as the recovering alcoholic Gail Stoney who struggles with the tribulations that life can so often deal. One can almost feel the pain she has to go through in each episode, as she tries to overcome her troubles. As we identify with her, Michelle who is a Cree Native has herself faced typecasting and prejudices which has been a blight on the history of entertainment. It’s great to know she’s at the forefront of a movement that is seeing a bevy of Native American actresses winning the attention of the world with their authentic and emotionally moving performances. Michelle will be heading to the Canada Screen Awards 2014 which is held in Toronto and is considered to be Golden Globes/Oscars of Canada. I’m blessed to be able to write about Michelle, an award-winning actress and a star in her own right who has the affable personality viewers will adore. Keep your eyes peeled for her this Sunday March 9th if you’re watching as she hits the red carpet in what will be a most elegant dress. She belongs to the select group of Canada’s favorite TV sirens garnering the nomination for Best Performance by an Actress in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role. She won the this category two years ago and in her very words this time around included in a group of powerhouse women that includes Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany and Hélène Joy from “Murdoch Mysteries”.

She’s also won a Leo award (the equivalent of an Emmy Award) for playing Deanna Martin on the hugely popular show “Artic Air”. Deanna is all about making the public aware of political affairs that has a bearing on their livelihood and social well being which makes for enthralling drama. Watch Michelle in the behind the scenes video (above) of her shoot for Season 3 in the province of Manitoba alongside fellow actor Adam Beach who is of course Bobby Martin. Early this year, Michelle was at Cannes promoting the film “Jimmy P” which also starred Benicio Del Toro. She plays Gayle Picard, the sister of his character Jimmy who are both very close and cares for him religiously after he suffers a head injury during World War II. This was a dream role for her having always wanted to act alongside Benicio and she did prove to be a fascinating vision in “Jimmy P”. For now, the stargazing will be on Michelle and she should be already be acknowledged as a screen enchantress.