Dances With Films 2014 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Hayden Wyatt

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Her comely facets are without question and Hayden Wyatt is the Southern belle who may soon be captivating a string of hearts. It looks like there’s another Hayden (besides Ms. Panettiere of Nashville fame) we should be brewing an infatuation for…;) Hayden is actually moving to Nashville next month since so much is being filmed in the South and she’s not giving on her dreams. Having taken her first acting class when she was 10 in Nashville (her hometown), it’s been on her desire to fulfill her ambitions ever since. She has that country soul having got her start in local commercials and country music videos. Check out her appearances in “What do you Say” by Reba, “Sick and Tired” by Cross Canadian Ragweed, “Good Times” by Jessica Andrews, and “Drunker than Me” by Trent.

At Dances With Films, watch her sparkle in “Being Awesome”, the dramedy of lost hopes and the struggle to find a silver lining. Here’s Hayden revealing more about her role and how the casting process was an intense one:

‘Well, in “Being Awesome”, I played a single mom hair dresser, and the girlfriend of one of the leading characters, “Teddy”. It was my first time playing a mother! It was shot in Memphis, and I had to go through three rounds of auditions to book the role. Hundreds of women auditioned, so I was very blessed to land the part.’

One of the recent film she shot was “The Secret Place”. It was a smaller role, but a more challenging one as she’s playing “Guera”, a heroin addict.

Here’s Hayden revealing more about this demanding role:

‘Needless to say, it was quite the transformation. It reminded me of how different Charlize Theron looked in “Monster”. On the first day of shooting, I hardly recognized myself in the mirror….which was scary, but I was able to get into character very quickly because I looked nothing like me. What a fun role to play for an actress!’

A few years back was her being the lead in “Steampunk Samurai Biker Chick” a few years ago where she did all of her own stunts, which she thoroughly enjoyed. Being a very active person, Hayden’s always up for any form of rigorous stunt. On TV, you may have seen her guest-starring on the hit series “Drop Dead Diva”. Let’s all take a liking to Hayden, the beautiful starlet on the rise.

Sizzling Cutie: Kelsey Law

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The web is certainly the platform to be enchanted by blossoming starlets and Kelsey Law has all the makings of a talent to be cherished. This Tennessee-born beauty is currently working on the show called “Sunday Brunch” which has been fully funded by Kickstarter. She juggles producing and acting in this comedic web series that centers on 3 gal pals who are trying to take LA by storm albeit with the aid of cocktails. Some are calling this the LA version of “Sex And The City” with a few Bloody Marys and Appletinis throw into the mix. Kesley plays Ashley who is seemingly perfect in all the aspects of her life until things start falling apart and keeping up appearances become quite the challenge. Viewers will find some empathy for her character especially since she’s such a charming vision with the Nashville accent and attractive nature. We do love our Southern Comfort courtesy of the vivacious Kelsey. In fact Southern Comfort is actually a famed American liqueur of whiskey base and peaches…hmmm…wonder if that concoction is making its way on “Sunday Brunch”…:)

Kelsey previously starred in another web series “The Cheerleader Diaries” as the new cheerleader in town Becky Miller caught up in a rivalry between 2 cheerleading captains. Got to love how Kelsey’s twitter describes her as ‘A girl without freckles is like a night without stars.’ Freckles do bring out the adorable factor (see Alexis Bledel) and likewise Kelsey is thorougly lovable. It goes to show that there are several avenues for us to take a fancy to actresses and Kelsey is one such lady to be thrilled about.