Foxy Femme: Caitlyn Folley


It’s easy to be fascinated by the gorgeous Caitlyn Folley since she is more than capable of channeling both her sultry and sweet facets. You can see Caitlyn at her sensual best in the indie horror flick “SX_Tape”. As the sexually uninhibited Jill who decides to make a sex tape in an abandoned mansion, she and her partner soon find out it’s not all that fun! They end up fighting for survival as a mysterious presence seeks to end their lives. While found-footage films may no longer be the new kid on the horror block, “SX_Tape” does shine with its graphic violence and sprinklings of dark comedy. As does possession films such as the recently released “Deliver Us From Evil” which like “SX_Tape” can be downright creepy! The characters are certainly worth investing in and kudos to Caitlyn for taking on such an adventurous role which of course involves taking her kit off! She does indeed appeal to our basic instincts throughout the film as painting in the buff naturally tends to do. Add her credible portrayal as a victim of the supernatural and you have a talented gal on show.

Her upcoming feature “Nightmare Code” will be just as intriguing especially when it melds technology and horror. It’s about a behavior-recognition software which begins to change human behavior and is the prelude to disaster. Can’t wait to see what naughtiness if any Caitlyn gets to explore in this one. The time of the indie starlet has grown in popularity these past few years and Caitlyn should herself be regarded as one to keep an adoring eye on.

Indie Princess: Kathy Butler Sandvoss

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Kathy Butler Sandvoss is a sultry sweetheart known for her luminous smile and an appeal that’s grows on you. You’ll be able to catch her in the short film “For The Love Of Food” which screens at the Female Eye Film Festival 2014. While there’s no trailer, the gist of the story tells of a struggling food journalist whose initial rivalry with another foodie blossoms into friendship. Held in Toronto, I love how the Female Eye Film Fest shines the spotlight on female auteurs of independent cinema, from directors to actresses who are immaculate storytellers. Besides her dramatic finesse which viewers would have seen in the indie drama “Find a Way”, Kathy has a delectably toned figure honed through her years as a fitness model. Having also graced the pages of the female fitness magazine Oxygen Australia, she’s a lady who can sizzle on any day of the Summer!


Another must-see feature that stars Kathy would be the zombie flick “Bombshell Bloodbath”. She plays Lisa Carter, the recently deceased wife of a doctor who is the catalyst to his freaky obsession to reanimate her from the dead! Instead his countless experiments create a succession of zombies including turning his own daughter after one of his failed attempts unleashes the virus in her. Kathy can also be seen in the TV Series “I Dated A Psycho” on Lifetime on the 23rd June as a woman who thought she found love in Sin City but alas discovers the date from hell! There’s still plenty more to come from Kathy so unequivocal love is in the offing for her in the days ahead.