Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 22 Apr 2014


1. Natalie Kim in “The Blacklist”


- On account that “The Blacklist” has been one of my favorite TV shows, it’s great to see the talented Natalie having a key role in the episode “The Pavlovich Brothers”.
- She plays Xiaoping Li (Natalie is actually Korean-American), an immunologist who is busted out from a labor camp in China only to be kidnapped by a Serbian extraction team. As always, Reddington and Agent Keen have to join forces and try to ensure her safe return.
- Easy on the eyes, Natalie is an accomplished comedic actress who has done various sketches including writing and starring in the web series “SuperTwins”.

2. Cora Benesh in “City Baby”


- Her movie “City Baby is now available for rental (3.99) and to own (12.99) on iTunes here: and other VOD platforms. She plays the angsty Cloey with a multi-layered robustness that has its striking moments.
- This sultry indie darling also has a few more movies on the horizon including “The Black Sea”, “Reality Check”, and “Subtext”.
- Also her co-star and the other leading lady of “City Baby” – Jillian Leigh also delivers a likable performance. Her movie A Big Love Story is also available and she has some fun stuff coming out over the next year.

3. Montana Marks in “Camp Dread”


- Hands down, one of the most photogenic actresses in this industry, the saccharine sweet Montana shows dedication in her every endeavor.
- Audiences will get a glimpse of her sexy,toned bod and her inviting appeal in the slasher “Camp Dread” as well as the April issue of Flex Magazine. Double the viewing pleasure.
- Congrats to Montana for recently winning two awards at the New York Metropolitan Championships where she sizzled on stage in her sparkly bikini.

4. Jennifer Gibson in “Maps To The Stars”


- Catch this bewitching Canadian Vixen in “Maps To The Stars” as Starla Gent as she’s in several scenes with her idol Julianne Moore.
- This film takes a look at the quirky characters in Hollywood and comes with its fare share of nudity courtesy of Julianne Moore and Olivia Williams.
- I’m glad she sent me her autograph seeing how her star is on the ascendency. She’s also been on the recently concluded “Nikita” as well the heartwarming family drama “Against The Wild”.

LAweb Fest 2014 Spotlight: Screen Siren Joanna Bonaro


The foxiest ladies are coming in waves at this year’s LAweb Fest and Italian-American actress Joanna Bonaro is classy as she is beautiful. Catch her as Maria alongside Jonisha Rios, creator and leading lady of the web series “Saved By The Pole”. She’s a young catholic woman who inherits her estranged father’s strip club and stars doing things her way. Joanna revels in the role of working class Italian mum to Anabelle (Jonisha Rios) as she tries to prevent her daughter from taking over the strip club with some help from the local mafia. She’s played a range of tenacious, ballsy women from elegant courtesans to slightly batty cougars. The JOANNA BONARO OFFICIAL SITE offer the tagline “Smart, Strong, Sultry” which she exudes with such accomplished flair. This is one woman who is also a looker in a bikini. Read up on her personal story here: and be amazed at how she maintains that amazingly sexy figure.

She has brought to life some really amazing ladies on screen and stage with 2014 a big year ahead for her, having booked the new ABC Primetime show “The Black Box”, directed by Eric Stoltz. It’s a drama series that focuses on a famous neuroscientist who is grappling with mental illness which is hidden from plain sight. She previously appeared as concerned citizen Doris DiNuzio on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” who feared the worse for her church which is being enveloped by a Satanic Cult. From her indelibly charming smile to her genuine charisma, Joanna is well on her way to winning our admiration as she had done with others before.

Just saw that she will be doing a reading this Sunday in the play “WaterWorks” by Nancy Lee Rogers as the female lead. If you’re near Broadway and 8th Ave, drop by the Shetler Studios on 244 W. 54th St. @ 3:00 pm to see the enchanting Joanna in person.