Foxy Femme: Somyia Finley

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She’s sultriness personified and Somyia Finley is a captivating vision we’ve on course to be attuned towards. Her most riveting performance to date has to be in “Counter Parts” screening at the NYC Horror Film Fest 2014 where she’ll astound and terrify with equal measure. A luminous beauty with a sexy voice, Somyia pushes the envelope both emotionally and physically in what are challenging dual roles.

Here’s Somyia revealing more as well as a tease of her upcoming project:

In Counter Parts, I play identical sisters. The story line is based on one sister who has a horrible accident right before her wedding day and turns to the supernatural for help, yet is met with irrevocable consequences. My favorite scene is the two sisters having a chat in the living room–talking to yourself is so much fun!

Right now I’m still finishing up scenes for the film “The Unstable.” The Unstable is set in present time and explores the biological side of the super natural. My character “Billie” leads the film in a voyeuristic way through my encounters with surreal visions and torment of my mental state.

Looking forward to seeing Somyia entice with each role paving the way for her to blossom as an adored indie starlet.

Sizzling Cutie: Marnette Patterson

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Some actresses have the perennial sensuality to last a lifetime and Marnette Patterson is the beauty to fawn over longingly. Great to hear Marnette is in the actioner “American Sniper” having been on hiatus and all I can say it’s she’s still as enticing as ever! Many will not forget her femme fatale performance in the racy “Wild Things: Foursome” I’m sure. “American Sniper” may be high on the testosterone with its travails on war but it’s nice the feminine quotient has its place in what is a gritty man’s world. Marnette does belong in the list of lovely blonde actresses whose return to the screen is something I can’t wait to see, for instance Whitney Able (who will return in “Dark”) and Christine Taylor (will Ben Stiller’s wifey make her comeback?). She did star in the coming of age film “Remember The Daze” with its stellar cast of Amber Heard, Lyndsy Fonseca, Leighton Meester, Brie Larson, Stella Maeve, among others. Marnette was already coveted back then and she is likely to still be very much on our radars.

Marnette is best known for her work in the series “Charmed” as a witch who is wanted by demons seeking the ultimate power. There’s also rumors of her being in the running for the next installment of the Bond series headlined by Daniel Craig. Her combination of sultriness and smarts would be a factor in winning such a coveted role as a Bond Girl. Marnette is blessed with a cultivated elegance and her long awaited screen return is one to savor.