Rising Starlet: Corina Calderon

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A most stunning vision worthy of adulation, Corina Calderon catches the eye with absolute enticement. One thing’s for sure, she keeps getting hotter and hotter, apt for the smouldering days of Summer. Catch her in “Murder In The First as Teresa Ramos, a battered wife in what is already a buzzworthy new series on TNT. She has already wowed Sundance with her memorable performance as a high school powerlifter with big dreams in “All She Can”. As Luz Garcia, a dreamer who hopes a college scholarship for winning a state powerlifting championship brings her success, Corina proves she’s a quality talent worthy of admiration. One of the most fearless debuts from an actress, Corina is hypnotic throughout the film as her character goes from zero to hero! She’s also in a film called “Lake Los Angeles” which recently premiered at the LA film fest.

Her work may have seen Corina displaying gritty spirit residing within every woman yet she’s a sensual being as evident from her red-carpet pics (above). She should already be regarded as one of the sexiest Latin performers to be gracing entertainment yet she manages to spellbind in dramatic roles that don’t need to overplay her sexiness. Hey casting directors of “Orange Is The New Black”! It’s time to get Corina on that show especially with the wealth of fascinating Latinas for whom we’ve all thoroughly obsessed with. Her turn to be in the limelight is on the horizon and Corina is a sizzler in our minds.

SIFF 2014 Spotlight: Aussie Vixen Stephanie Ellis


Brisbane-born Stephanie Ellis is a fast rising indie darling who has already lit up Sundance and has all the beguiling facets to achieve measurable success. Distinctively attractive, she’s the star of the atmospheric thriller “The Sleepwalker” as Christine who becomes the central figure propelling the dramatic tone of the film. Mysteriously calling her sis Kaia in the dead of night, the two are reunited despite the differences they had in the past which do cut deep. Check out the interview (above) where she talks about her role and her experiences portraying the titular character we know as “The Sleepwalker”. At this year’s Seattle International Film Fest, Stephanie will be a must-watch as she was at Sundance, her multi-layered performance is a brilliant operatic show of seduction and at times manic behavior due to her sleepwalking condition. Look out for the scene where she performs an intimate act in the home of her sister which will have a strong impact on viewers!


Proving to be comfortably affectatious with the intense or reticent moments, Stephanie delivers an unpredictability onscreen that drives us to desire her even more. This rings true as she revealed in an interview recently how the spontaneity of life is the way she loves it! I’ve also come to appreciate Stephanie’s accessibility both as a performer and as a person who tries to accommodate any request from a fan. Reminiscent of her fellow Australian actresses, she’s able to draw out the happiness in people…:) Emily Mortimer is one actress that comes to mind when praising the similarly uber-talented Stephanie as she has the willowy charisma many of us will no doubt fall for.

Catch Stephanie as an aspiring artist who is one of several disenchanted mavericks of the art world in her other feature “Art Machine” (which also stars Jessica Szohr of “Gossip Girl” fame). Stephanie Ellis could be very well be a gem in the making!