Sizzling Cutie: Seana Kofoed

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Seana Kofoed has an adorable factor many will find to be personable and impressively charming. She can so easily be compared to a Tina Fey meets Sarah Jessica Parker starlet with her adorable factor just as inviting. She can be seen in the comedy caper “Life Of Crime” which stars Jennifer Aniston who is the socialite Mickey targeted by a pair of fumbling kidnappers.

Here’s Seana revealing more about her part which has ties with Jennifer’s character:

“I play the role of Kay in the upcoming Life Of Crime, based on Elmore Leonard’s book, The Switch. Kay is a small voice of cynicism in the otherwise shallow country club world, of which Jennifer Aniston’s Mickey is a reluctant part. And in the version we shot, Kay was the closest thing Mickey had to a friend in that strange world, and the only one willing to call her bluff. That said, I haven’t seen the finished film yet, so it’s anyone’s guess what landed in the final cut! But Daniel Schechter was a great director (he also wrote the excellent screenplay adaptation of the book). He was very easy and mellow, while still knowing what he wanted from his actors and from the scene. It seemed to be a very happy set”

Seana has also been regularly dazzling up TV Land, primarily doing episodic work in numerous hit shows having gained prominence on the series “Men In Trees” with Anne Heche. She’s also been a guest star in hits such as “The Mentalist”, “The Big C and “Suburgatory”.

Here’s some updates on her other projects:

“I’ve been writing a good deal lately, both in collaboration with others and solo. As you pass your mid 30s, it becomes increasingly important to multi-task, especially as an actress. Women are hugely underrepresented, role-wise, both in TV and film, and we can’t very well complain about it unless we’re doing something to remedy it ourselves. So in every script I write, there are always a few great roles for actresses in their mid-30s and upward to play. And though based in LA now, I still try get back to NYC every year or two to do a good play. In theatre, both male and female playwrights are still writing amazing, unusual, three-dimensional women characters. And it’s always wonderfully refreshing to go back to New York to play one.”

With her being thoroughly interesting on multiple channels, Seana is a worthy candidate for utmost admiration.

Action On Film Festival 2014 Spotlight: Indie Princess Pernille Trojgaard

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Danish actress Pernille Trojgaard is one to be adored on account of her delectable smile and radiance. One can certainly get lost in her ravishing blue eyes and she can be seen in 2 features at Action On Film Festival that’s now ongoing. This is a must-see film fest due to its sheer number of interesting features and of course the beautiful female cast that’s surely dazzling them up. First up is her role in “Nothing Like The Sun” a vampire short that tells of a vampire couple at a crossroads when one of them wants to be human once more. The second sees her as a ‘Mother Of Dragons’ conjurer of sorts who unleashes fire breathing dragons, the Nazi’s secret weapon against the Allies during a fictional time in World War 2.

While Pernille has been enchanting the indie world, her most notable work has been on the television series “Vegas”. As like all the women of the 1960s, Pernille is every bit a sweetheart in her role as Secretary Hilde. Check out her reel: for some of her scenes from “Vegas”. She’s also excelled on the dramatic front having played a battered wife in “Half Way Home” where her character Kathryn still loves her husband despite the abuse. Her willingness to extend herself in scenes that’s uncomfortable at times is the mark of the range she has. Pernille did attend The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. There is no better time than now to get to know a beautiful face like Pernille and she’s going to be an exciting prospect indeed.