Hotties on Film, TV, & DVD – 18th July 2014


1. Melissa Paulo in “Sex Tape”


- Taking a glance at the absolutely foxy Melissa will have already got you excited as will her appearance in the Cameron Diaz raucous comedy “Sex Tape”!
- Melissa has certainly heated up the red carpet at a recent premiere of “Sex Tape” in virginal white and she can pull of sex appeal in any color!
- Let’s hope we get to see parlay her comedic talents as she’s one of the wonderfully funny women who happens to be a feast for the eyes.

2. Amy Paffrath sizzles as the host of “Dating Naked”


- It’s so fitting to have one of the sexiest women on our planet to host the risque reality show “Dating Naked” and the very inviting Amy is a temptation in her own right.
- Despite her being fully clothed throughout the season (i think!), it is obvious she’s one of the main attractions of the show taking us into the world of romance sans clothes.
- A versatile entertainer, she’s dazzled every time whether it be as a comedienne, indie darling or the hostess with the magnetic charm.

3. Robin Bain in “The Brides Of Sodom”

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- The big news for Robin is her directorial debut “Nowhereland” and is currently gaining support all over the web. Do you part and donate to the Kickstarter campaign here:
- It’s the tragic tale of a girl losing her innocence due to the trappings of prostitution! Watch out for my upcoming feature on rising young actress Jessica Taylor Haid who is the lead.
- Robin as you will know is one of the sexiest actresses on the indie scene and you can catch her at her pristine sauciness in the vampire flick “The Brides Of Sodom”.

4. Christina DeRosa in “Taxi Brooklyn”

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- Her star keeps on shining and Christina has an illuminating allure that’s seen her dazzle on both film and television with her latest being a guest-star on “Taxi Brooklyn”.
- Catch her as Laura, the concerned auntie of a runaway boy in episode 4 of the new series “Taxi Brooklyn” starring Chyler Leigh.
- This year, she’s already caught the eye on yet another TV hit “Sam and Cat” with Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy. Christina is so naturally stunning!

5. Lorraine Stanley in “The Hooligan Factory”


- Lorraine is by far one of the most talented dramatic actress to come from the British Isles most noted for her work on the award-winning tale “London to Brighton”.
- She changes gears in the destined to be a cult hit “The Hooligan Factory” as the buxom Sharon, giving us moments to savor as she always does throughout her accomplished career.
- Already lauded by many as being one of their favorite all time British actresses, Lorraine is establishing herself as the one to covet.

6. Lexi Giovagnoli in “1 Chance, 2 Dance”

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- Lexi is inspiring as Gabby Colussi in “1 Chance,2 Dance”, the young aspiring dancer who is torn between her crushes and her ambition of becoming a dancer.
- Ever so comely, she’s more than the girl next door, showing us why we could genuinely fall in love with this kissable cutie.
- Remember to watch Lexi in her upcoming horror feature “Varsity Blood” which comes to DVD somewhere in August. Prepare for the blood!

7. Reanin Johannink in “All Cheerleaders Die”


- “All Cheerleaders Die” was her first American film and the gorgeous New Zealand beauty Reanin is already turning heads wherever she goes.
- She plays one of four cheerleaders who perish in a car crash only to return from the dead to cause mayhem. Reanin is a must-see and the foursome is so deliciously reminiscent of the coven from “The Craft”.
- Her next feature “I Survived A Zombie Holocaust” will likewise gather much interest as zombies run riot on a movie set!

The Hottest Actresses at Outfest LGBT Film Festival 2014 – Part 2


1. Sharon Hinnendael, Jill Evyn & Constance Brenneman in “Anatomy Of A Love Seen”


- With three very sexy and very affable women in 1 movie, it’s a sure bet Sharon, Jill and Constance are headed for endless infatuation.
- “Anatomy Of A Love Seen” sees Sharon as Zoe and Jill as Mal playing actresses who fell for each other deeply after filming a love scene until one of them walks away. That is until the love scene is headed for a re-shoot on orders of the director!
- While it’s a love story at the core, “Anatomy Of A Love Seen” has a complexity that will keep you hooked and of course all both actresses showcase their authentic range onscreen.
- Constance plays Anne who has a subplot involving the director Kara (who is the film’s director Marina Rice Bader) and illuminates the story in more ways than one.

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2. Breeda Wool in “Disaster Preparedness”


- Breeda is one of the must watch indie darlings this year and she stars in “Disaster Preparedness” as Becca who together with her partner Rose discover commitment issues in the face of an impending hurricane that’s hurtling towards their apartment.
- While there’s no trailer for this short, she is becoming quite the princess of quirky comedy having shone in “Lambing Season” which is a festival fave.
- I’m sure some of you may have notice that Breeda could certainly be thought of as the Uma Thurman of the indie world for Breeda is just as uniquely saucy.

3. Jessica Chaffin in “Girltrash: All Night Long”


- “GirlTrash: All Night Long” has an ensemble of very funny ladies which includes the talented comedienne Jessica Chaffin who we know can tickle us pink.
- Set during one long night in the LGBT sub-culture of Los Angeles, there’s music, love and high jinks among a group of colorful ladies.
- Television is where she’s becoming a draw with recent guest-starring roles in “Silicon Valley” as well as “The Crazy Ones” and in the upcoming comedy series “The McCarthys”.

4. Halley Feiffer in “Appropriate Behavior”


- When one talks about the ebullient Miss Halley Feiffer, one tends to swoon because her delectable factor is off the charts!
- In “Appropriate Behavior”, she plays Crystal, the best friend of closeted bisexual Shirin (Desiree Akhavan) who is discovering the bumps of life in her own humorous way.
- The numerous positive reviews of Halley’s enigmatic portrayal is indicative of her impressive ability to continually be the focus of affection on this blog and literally everywhere.