Hollyshorts Film Fest 2014 Spotlight: Latin Vixen Dominique Razon

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Elegant olive-skinned hottie Dominique Razon is loveliness personified and she’s bringing her charms to everyone. After all, in the short film “The Council. she is playing the dream girl of a socially awkward man who in his head tries to overcome his insecurities. An interesting take of what goes on in the mind of guys who can’t quite get their act together in front of a beautiful girl. Here’s Dominique talking about her role as well as her other upcoming projects:

‘The Council’ was so much fun to work on. We had a lot of fun goofing around with each other on set and we took that sense of play into our work. The film is centered around a guy named Theo and his indecision on approaching his long time love interest, Mia (played by me). As he decides what to say to her, the film takes the viewer on a journey inside Theo’s brain, where we view the psychology behind making a decision. That is where the Council is introduced.

I’m currently working on the launch of an entertainment website entitled Titnacious.com. I, along with fourteen other girls, will be producing a variety of blog posts. We aim to support and promote girl awareness and create a space for girls to behave as they please. It will be launching in September.

Dominique has also guest starred in “Criminal Minds” which is about to return for its 10th Season in just over a month! Another big update on the acting front is that she recently booked a role in CBS’s Scorpion and will be shooting in the next coming weeks. Her sparkling personality is certainly something to look forward to and she’s a genuine beauty as her photos does reflect her photogenic qualities. This youthful, Chile-born actress is about to go places…:)

Hotties On Film, TV, DVD & The Web – 19th August 2014


1. Edi Patterson in “Partners”


- Edi is hot news seeing how she’s appearing alongside comedic greats Kelsey Grammer and Martin Lawrence in their tag team of funny series “Partners” on FX.
– Described as outgoing and sexual in her role as Veronica, Edi turns on the charm with a kookiness that undeniably grows on you.
– She is one of the shining lights on the improv comedy scene as well as on TV and surely by now is a star in her own right.

2. Lauren Myers in “Manhattan”


- Lauren is yet another must watch talent who is set to captivate viewers thanks to her recurring role of ‘Jeannie’ on “Manhattan” premiering August 24th.
– Her stirring performance in “Dead Billy” as a woman on an emotional knife edge has already garnered her buzz. She also happens to be the co-creator and producer. WOW!
– 2014 will see her beguile in a host of features and with her palpably believable performances, she could be the eye-catching lady impressing audiences everywhere.

3. Emmy Robbin in “Sin City: A Dame To Kill For”

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- Emmy has been on a great run and it culminates this week with the release of “Sin City: A Dame To Kill” where she plays a flame-throwing femme fatale.
– Best known for the horror film “I Didn’t Come Here to Die”, she’s also been vamping it up on “From Dusk Till Dawn” and the ultra-violent “Machete Kills.
– She does have the killer curves and an amazing body so calling Emmy a blossoming Sex Symbol comes naturally.

4. Lynn McArthur in “Lumber Baron of Jasper County”


- The adorable Lynn recently appeared in “Swamp murders” which screened on the investigative discovery channel and also played Trixie in the humor-filled web series “The Lumber Baron of Jasper County”
– It’s been the most exciting of times for her as she has a number of projects in the pipeline including scoring a big role in Carla Saunder’s new horror film “No Reason”.
– A sweetheart through and through, her dedication and determination in her craft is steadily getting her the success she’s always aspired to gain.

5. Tasha Ames in “Quick Draw”


- Most notably, she played the werewolf Eve in the hit series “The Originals” and her sagely character is as much mysterious as she is enigmatic.
– Catch her in the western parody series “Quick Draw” on Hulu as Livinia Webb, a widow who in Season 1 saw her husband killed.
– Likable and engaging, Tasha is an upcoming starlet who will be dear to our hearts in these coming months.