TV Vixen: Lisa Long

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LISA LONG should be raved about especially since her appearances on television over the years are satisfyingly fascinating. I have the utmost respect for LISA as she joins the likes of Emmy Rossum and Shanola Hampton in un-glamorizing themselves for the mundane, simplistic nature of their characters. LISA guest-stars as Scotty, a lesbian who together with William H. Macy’s Frank Gallagher try to work through their same sex tendencies via copulation. The search for stimulation and awkward sexual tension between the two is brilliantly played out with LISA’s believability as a conflicted lesbian onscreen never in doubt. Her boldness to dive into a topless scene on that very episode ‘Civil Wrongs’ from Season 3 of “Shameless” has to be applauded and more so than ever we’re seeing riveting depictions of real women such as how LISA has evinced.

Don’t underestimate her attractiveness one bit for she does have soulful eyes certain to engage and captivate. Lisa was also recently on “Community” as Lorraine, the decision maker who approves a grant to cure ‘ChangNesia’ whom Chang (Ken Jeong) cooked up as faked amnesia. A visit to the LISA LONG OFFICIAL SITE details her stint as a voiceover artist on gaming sites as well as being the mom of Sandy (Stella Maeve) in “The Runaways”, the Joan Jett story. Can’t wait to see what her next role will be but going by Lisa’s track record it will intrigue.

Rising Starlet: Madison McKinley

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Madison McKinley is an enticing Sex Symbol and continues to be a trend-setter, having been one for a large portion of her career. When you see Leonardo DiCaprio gravitate towards the bombshell that is Miss Madison McKinley, it’s clear she has a hypnotic aura to leave you breathless. From her penchant on wearing fangs on Season 15 of reality show “The Bachelor” to lying topless in bed on an episode of “Damages”, Madison is a beautiful enigma. There’s always going to be a pleasant surprise round the corner and Madison will surely be the center of attention. Why not drop by the MADISON MCKINLEY OFFICIAL SITE and start realizing why she’s looked upon as being a future luminary. Star-studded drama “The Wolf Of Wall Street” is expected to thrust her into the enviable position of Fascinating Hottie of the New Year…:)

She did give advice to aspiring actresses by highlighting the need to be nice and ultimately to have tons of fun! The down-to-earth trait that she has is so endearing and adds to the potent allure of Madison. While the image of her as a foxy temptation is ingrained in our heads, we do favor the fact that Madison is as sweet as honey. I’ve been supporting actresses since 2010 and it’s great to hear from Madison how she appreciates the efforts I’ve taken to feature her. Everyone would have been treated to her exploits on TV/Film (she even dazzled on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”) and she’s only going to get more compelling!