TIFF 2014 Spotlight: Canadian Vixen Sidney Leeder

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Behold yet another soon to be obsession in our midst, the potently gorgeous actress/model Sidney Leeder who is a burgeoning starlet. We are truly blessed to be in the presence of Sidney in all her lusciousness. Let’s just say she’s going to be truly fascinating in the surreal new film “Bang Bang Baby” alongside the always interesting Jane Levy. Here is the bewitching Sidney revealing more about her role and some exciting new projects:

“Bang Bang Baby” is a sci-fi musical set in the 1960’s. It’s a very unique script with a crazy cast of characters. Super excited to see how it all comes together. I played Eleanor, the high school Queen B. Your quintessential mean girl. Stepphy, the lead played by Jane Levy has aspirations of becoming a famous singer. Eleanor does her best to crush these dreams, adding to Stepphy’s already existing misery. The plot undergoes a series of twists and turns. You never know what’s going to happen next. One major twist involves a factory chemical leak throughout the town. The results are seriously bazaar! This is certainly not your typical musical!

Other recent projects include the films Final Exam and Debug. Final Exam focuses on a sorority hazing gone wrong. It’s set to release September 2014 on the Hallmark channel and is sure to terrify a few freshmen this fall. Debug (still in post-production) is a sci-fi thriller about a group of young hackers who must battle a form of artificial intelligence while aboard an abandoned space freighter.”

I’m currently working on a pilot entitled TMI, which wraps later this week. Keeping with the sci-fi theme it focuses on a group of high-school hackers who delve into their classmates private lives through the use of technology.”

Sidney is the best of two worlds, intelligent as she is sexy and always up for new challenges. She’s plunged herself into the world of production, having spent time writing and producing a new media commercial for start-up company “Sneeker Sheets”. The commercial is set to release fall 2014. In addition to acting she’s also a professional dancer. Fans of the CW series “Reign” should re-visit the show and catch a glimpse of her twirling and curtsying amongst royalty. Sidney has actually been on one of my favorite shows “Lost Girl” as a Kitsune (Japanese fox-like fae) and her sexiness comes with plenty of bite. She’s also adept at downplaying her sex appeal in her roles (check out her reel above), preferring to show her range be it of a comedic or dramatic capacity. Sometimes what’s not so obvious makes the heart grow fonder and Sidney is slated to be a crave-worthy talent.

TIFF 2014 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Megan Hartig


Many will be blown away by the stunning Megan Hartig as she is truly one of the most enticing actresses of the moment. Having seen how ravishing she looks in a photo from the new season of “Boardwalk Empire” (yup she’s going to sizzle up one of the episodes), Megan would dazzle as a lady of any era onscreen. If you thought Christina Hendricks is a sex kitten then being captivated by the playful allure of Megan is essential. At TIFF, she can be seen in “Ned Rifle”, a dramedy which is the third and final film in a trilogy following characters introduced in Hal Hartley’s 1997 film “Henry Fool” and the 2006 sequel “Fay Grim”. Here’s Megan talking about her role and her future projects:

“I have been cast in a large supporting role in the upcoming independent feature, Morrow Road, which is in the ‘attaching celebrity’ stage.

In Ned Rifle, after originally auditioning for the female lead (which went to Aubrey Plaza), I was cast as Delores, a Seattle hotel receptionist.

My main focus at the moment is to get roles on episodics as well as studio and independent feature films.”

Megan is also starring as an Olympic swimmer in “The Longest Swim” which just came out on DVD on Amazon as well as Best Buy. Having seen her excellent reel (above), Megan is photogenic even off screen and reminds me of sexy actresses such as Mädchen Amick, Emma Stone, among others. Check out this article where she’s rank among the loveliest actresses which includes Brit Marling and Lily Collins. Seeing how Megan is also a polished singer and dancer, she is certain to be regarded as a talent worthy of obsession. The compelling and beautiful Megan is surely destined for stardom!

Visit the MEGAN HARTIG OFFICIAL SITE and be charmed by this wonderful actress.

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