Burbank International Film Fest 2014 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Sarah Sherman


Film Festivals are certainly giving actresses the channel to invite us into their world and the adorable Sarah Sherman does it on an authentic level. She’s the leading lady of “Our Last Hour” which takes a minimalist tone very much in the vein of “Before Sunrise”. Her character Sarah interacts with another soul during 1 hour when time jumps during Daylights saving, an innovative concept captured on screen. Here’s Sarah giving us an insight of the short film and her exciting upcoming project:

“My role in Our Last Hour was impromptu but cool. Isaac (the director), Ryan and I set out to make a film about Daylight Savings (Isaac had done one the fall before called Timelessness) and what it’s like to skip forward an hour — like, what happens to the one you lose? We talked a little beforehand about what we wanted to achieve, then spent that Daylight Savings (from 1 to 4 am) walking around Los Angeles shooting. I’m proud of what we came up with and think Isaac did a great job capturing the spirit of two individuals who share something for a brief moment — even if it’s in “time” that doesn’t really exist.

Aside from this project I’m currently hard at work on a television show called “Two Dogs” I’ve been developing with my brother Zachary. I write the episodes and together we both act in the project, along with a talented cast of characters that reflect our colorful East Los Angeles neighborhood — we just finished shooting our first episode (we’re calling it a “pre”-pilot as it actually takes place before our pilot episode) and are hoping to be able to share it with you on a major network soon!”

The pic of her (above) is actually with her brother on set and the trailer (also above) has such a cool vibe about it, layered by the equally laid back track. Does it really matter that she’s still quite new to audiences when Sarah is enchanting us with her own unique style. She may yet be an indie starlet in the making.

Dances With Films 2014 Spotlight: Indie Princess Rose Marziale

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Expressively beautiful, Rose Marziale is a multifaceted actress whom many will be embracing with lots of fondness. Sometimes dreams do come true and her passion project “It Remains” is premiering at Dances With Films with an after-party to follow. Rose has already given me inspiration to chase my own dreams and so should you! In a gorgeous red number, Rose is the belle of the red carpet at “Dances With Films” as seen from the event photos coming out.

Here’s Rose describing her uniquely enchanting part in “It Remains”:

‘So my role in “It Remains” is a pretty unique story. I actually created, co-produced, and co-wrote it along with starring in it. Our goal was to create a universal love story that everyone can relate to, so my character is named “You” and the other character is named “Me.” It’s a short film that uses a lot of dance and music to tell the story.’

From the trailer, one can already see how palpably compelling this feature is, from the chemistry between the 2 leads and their storytelling prowess. Told without words, “It Remains” uses the best of music and dance to portray the addiction to love.

On her upcoming projects, she is regularly performing at various indie improv shows with her team Anchorbaby! Rose is also writing as well as starring in an untitled live sketch comedy show and comedy pilot. Thanks to her, I’ve discovered she’s been in acting class with Amanda Fuller of “Last Man Standing” fame and since Amanda is one of my favorite actresses, by proxy Rose will become one too. Adoring looks are set to descend upon the talented Miss Rose and she will certainly blossom in the days ahead.

Keep updated on all the latest news at the ROSE MARZIALE OFFICIAL SITE.