Canadian Vixen: Michelle Thrush

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Without a doubt, Michelle Thrush has been one of the most compelling women on Canadian television and one of the shining lights of the industry. The riveting series “Blackstone” made her a household name and she continues to mesmerize audiences as the recovering alcoholic Gail Stoney who struggles with the tribulations that life can so often deal. One can almost feel the pain she has to go through in each episode, as she tries to overcome her troubles. As we identify with her, Michelle who is a Cree Native has herself faced typecasting and prejudices which has been a blight on the history of entertainment. It’s great to know she’s at the forefront of a movement that is seeing a bevy of Native American actresses winning the attention of the world with their authentic and emotionally moving performances. Michelle will be heading to the Canada Screen Awards 2014 which is held in Toronto and is considered to be Golden Globes/Oscars of Canada. I’m blessed to be able to write about Michelle, an award-winning actress and a star in her own right who has the affable personality viewers will adore. Keep your eyes peeled for her this Sunday March 9th if you’re watching as she hits the red carpet in what will be a most elegant dress. She belongs to the select group of Canada’s favorite TV sirens garnering the nomination for Best Performance by an Actress in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role. She won the this category two years ago and in her very words this time around included in a group of powerhouse women that includes Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany and Hélène Joy from “Murdoch Mysteries”.

She’s also won a Leo award (the equivalent of an Emmy Award) for playing Deanna Martin on the hugely popular show “Artic Air”. Deanna is all about making the public aware of political affairs that has a bearing on their livelihood and social well being which makes for enthralling drama. Watch Michelle in the behind the scenes video (above) of her shoot for Season 3 in the province of Manitoba alongside fellow actor Adam Beach who is of course Bobby Martin. Early this year, Michelle was at Cannes promoting the film “Jimmy P” which also starred Benicio Del Toro. She plays Gayle Picard, the sister of his character Jimmy who are both very close and cares for him religiously after he suffers a head injury during World War II. This was a dream role for her having always wanted to act alongside Benicio and she did prove to be a fascinating vision in “Jimmy P”. For now, the stargazing will be on Michelle and she should be already be acknowledged as a screen enchantress.

Fresh Face Of The Week: Abbie Gayle

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Advocating newcomers in the industry has always been a calling here and with ABBIE GAYLE, here’s a sweetheart we will come to adore. I’ve taken up the mantle of featuring blossoming actresses since IMDB has somehow forgotten to continue their representation of new talents. The Fresh Face of The Week is a new category I’ve taken up in reverence to the hotties who could be heading for their breakout role. If you’re knee deep into the mythos of the TV show “Ravenswood”, spot ABBIE playing Abby Wheeler, the ex-girlfriend of the twin’s, Olivia and Luke Matheson’s father and who died 20 years ago in a high school science lab explosion. Their mom, Rochelle told them that she was trying to contact their dad to tell him that he was in danger and the police are looking for Abby because they think that she could be a suspect in his murder, but she’s actually a ghost. And she’s haunting them and making appearances so check out the snippet of ABBIE in the video (above) from Episode 4 called “The Devil Has a Face”. Let’s hope she returns in her non-corporeal form in future episodes as ABBIE’s enchanting in that ghostly visage and it would be great to see her story arc pan out.

ABBIE may still be in High School but she can certainly catch the eye. Hailing from Louisiana, her glowing skin and winning smile are why we men appreciate belles from the South. Makes you want to catch her other flick “Ragin Cajun Redneck Gators” which airs on the SyFy channel and she will be covered in blood (lots of it) in this creature feature about mutant gators on a rampage. As she hones her craft while juggling her studies, there’s ample opportunities for her to shine and become an accomplished actress.