Hollyshorts Film Festival 2014 Spotlight: Foxy Femme Jennifer Field

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Delectable purity is what defines actress Jennifer Field and this cutie should be on the Annual Most Beautiful List. No surprises that she’s a dazzling face in the short “Keye Luke” screening on Aug 22 at Hollyshorts. It’s about the first Asian American actor to nab good guy roles and Jennifer plays 40s Scientist “Dr. Raymond” who is kind of a Secret Agent. Great to see her among talented ladies Jessika Van, Elaine Kao and Elizabeth Sandy who have also sizzled this blog before. Jennifer herself exudes sexiness from her every being and with her Korean plus English-Irish heritage, we might just be witness to our ideal dream woman.

If you’re looking for a lady who captivate hearts with a memorable vim than Jennifer is likely to be at the top when it comes to the hottest upcoming starlets we adore. Jennifer did win the title of Miss Asian America 2006-2007 and she’s getting even hotter as evidenced by her latest pics. The sereneness she’s blessed with it’s another facet we will no doubt be passionate about. Jennifer has done everything from comedy to experimental drama and this vixen is slated to appear in the nightmarish thriller “Exit 13″ which was funded fully via Kickstarter. Desire is such a wonderful thing especially when gorgeousness comes in the form of Miss Jennifer Field.

Plenty of reasons to visit the JENNIFER FIELD OFFICIAL SITE to check her out…:)

Sizzling Cutie: Michelle Rose

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Sitcoms are once again becoming the burgeoning pool where captivating starlets are surfacing and MICHELLE ROSE could well be on our desired list. Catch her in the episode titled ‘Wedding Crushers’ in the second season of “The Mindy Project” where she plays a rather horny bride who has a sex addiction and makes a cuckold of her groom. Mindy has said some of the people on her show are beautiful models and MICHELLE must surely be one of the most bewitching. Since she’s also as an artist and this being the reference she would understand, if one could paint MICHELLE on any canvas, she would be admired for being stunning.

Check out her sketch “Miley Cyrus-“We Can’t Stop” Parody (TheMichelleShowRemix)” as she skanks it up in the funny youtube video. With Miley’s awesome music that deserves to be on repeat albeit with reconstructed and ruder lyrics banging on the greed in music, I’m sure the Twerk Princess herself would be proud! Just the sheer amount of work put into the video shows the dedicated, creative comic she is and engages us to visit the MICHELLE ROSE OFFICIAL SITE to see what else she has in store!

What I gather from her luscious photos is when there’s a casting call for The Wonder Woman Big Screen Treatment (some say she may appear in the upcoming “Batman Vs Superman”), MICHELLE should definitely be in the running! After all, she’s a Über hot brunette, has an accomplished background as a stunt woman and has the ability to introduce a little humor if need be. MICHELLE can lassoed us into devotion any day of the week…:)