Hoboken International Film Fest 2014 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Liz Lytle

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With one of the most angelic smiles in the indie world, Liz Lytle is definitely a talent we want to fall in love with passionate ardency. She also has some sassy sex appeal and we are going to witness all of her allure at this year’s Hoboken International Film Fest. Her web series “Redneck Weddings” is having its screening and she’s a turn on in every frame as the delectable Caroline Dingle, owner of the Wedding Drops Chapel. Wow to her amazing body, perkiness and of course the saucy Arkansas accent! If you thought she couldn’t get any sexier, watch her as a Bi-Sexual Yoga Instructor in the youtube sketch “Straight Vanilla Episode #1 Attack of the Sex Zombies”. Liz is deliciously evil and engages in girl-to-girl lip lock as her character schemes to turn everyone into Sex Zombies!

She recently shot a promo for “Act Super Naturally”, the sequel to the well-received “Act Naturally”, a tale of two estranged stepsisters inheriting their father’s nudist colony. Playing the uninhibited yet charming Charlie Tillerman, she and her sis (Katie L. Hall) discover they have to stripped down before they can start taking over the family business. Kudos to Liz for being comfortable with the nudism that’s part and parcel of a film such as this and since she will be reprising her role as Charlie once more, there will plenty of infatuation going around for her. She does have the believability factor going for her and her inherent loveliness is accentuated every time she’s onscreen. Liz also have another feature, “The Sheriffs” that should be done before the end of the year. She is also just starting pre-production on a film that she wrote and will be directing!

If you’re mesmerized by her comeliness, remember to visit the LIZ LYTLE OFFICIAL SITE.

Blonde Bombshell: Alexandra Fulton

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Platinum blonde ALEXANDRA FULTON is more than capable of stirring our hearts and loins. This pixie beauty possesses the old world Hollywood glamor very much in the vein of past actresses such as Lana Turner and her contemporaries. Of course, she emanates an offbeat yet funky vibe that’s all her own. Back in 2008, she starred in the comedy short about sex and yoga titled “Orgasm” which was also her directorial debut film and premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in France. Fulton played Daisy, a skeptical woman engaged in a colorful erotic fantasy about her handsome yoga teacher David. It that isn’t enough to arouse your curiosity, her appearances in 2 high-profile films this year will. Drama “The Chicago 8″ will see her in retro fashion harking back to the days of the anti-war movement in 1968. The she joins the star-studded female cast of romantic comedy “Slightly Single in L.A.”

Chances are we’ll be seeing ALEXANDRA blossom and she’s more than able to enthrall the masses. Keep up to date with her exploits at the ALEXANDRA FULTON OFFICIAL SITE. She’s also no stranger on the independent scene with an upcoming feature “What If People Die” in the works. With her eye-catching smile and enticing eyes, I reckon she would thrive in a TV series such as “Mad Men” or “Pan Am”, ALEXANDRA’s nostalgic allure being quite the desirable trait. Watch out for her as this delectable up and comer has the nascent charms to make it big!