Blonde Bombshell: Alexandra Fulton

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Platinum blonde ALEXANDRA FULTON is more than capable of stirring our hearts and loins. This pixie beauty possesses the old world Hollywood glamor very much in the vein of past actresses such as Lana Turner and her contemporaries. Of course, she emanates an offbeat yet funky vibe that’s all her own. Back in 2008, she starred in the comedy short about sex and yoga titled “Orgasm” which was also her directorial debut film and premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in France. Fulton played Daisy, a skeptical woman engaged in a colorful erotic fantasy about her handsome yoga teacher David. It that isn’t enough to arouse your curiosity, her appearances in 2 high-profile films this year will. Drama “The Chicago 8″ will see her in retro fashion harking back to the days of the anti-war movement in 1968. The she joins the star-studded female cast of romantic comedy “Slightly Single in L.A.”

Chances are we’ll be seeing ALEXANDRA blossom and she’s more than able to enthrall the masses. Keep up to date with her exploits at the ALEXANDRA FULTON OFFICIAL SITE. She’s also no stranger on the independent scene with an upcoming feature “What If People Die” in the works. With her eye-catching smile and enticing eyes, I reckon she would thrive in a TV series such as “Mad Men” or “Pan Am”, ALEXANDRA’s nostalgic allure being quite the desirable trait. Watch out for her as this delectable up and comer has the nascent charms to make it big!

Sizzling Cutie: Heidi Kristoffer

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There should be no doubt of my fanaticism for blondes and HEIDI KRISTOFFER is easily one of the bubbliest gals with quite the burgeoning sexiness. You’ll be able to catch HEIDI pretty soon in the tale where Dr House tumbles into bed with one of your fav Gossip Girls…salaciously scandalous you say!! That’s the premise of “The Oranges” as Hugh Laurie and Leighton Meester mine the May-December romance in the dramedy opening on September 10th at TIFF 2011. While details are sketchy (Where’s the trailer??), HEIDI is bound to be eye-catching as she amply did on the TV Series “White Collar”. Exuberantly flirtatious as Claire, one of two French Vixens who prove to be more than a man can handle (in this case FBI Agent Peter Burke)…personally a gentleman should never refuse a Ménage à trois even on camera! I’m sure we all noticed her lithe, athletic bod since HEIDI is a polished Yoga Instructor on top of her acting endeavors. Gotta love the tag line “SWEAT.LOVE.BREATHE.HEAL” on the YOGA WITH HEIDI Website.

Also, make sure to visit the HEIDI KRISTOFFER OFFICIAL SITE as she maintains a juicy blog detailing both her yoga profession and various updates on her acting/modeling gigs. Recently, I was reading up on Louise Brooks, the very cool siren of silent films with the signature bobbed haircut and there was a picture of HEIDI fabulously dressed in her image for a shoot. Just like how remarkably flexible she can be on the yoga mat, she’s adept at reproducing varying personalities on screen. This honey has been called a hidden gem, a nod to her engrossing moments in the indie slasher “Mothers Day Massacre”. It’s time we acquaint ourselves with this captivating lady!