HOT ACTRESS 2 – Rachel Grubb (Terror Hottie)


The brunette bombshell in all her glory…forget Dita Von Teese, let me introduce actress Rachel Grubb.
She is your classic beauty with the 1950s unique look which i very much admire. Oh yeah plus she is one
of the terror hotties Check this out!!

Oh yeah by the way she send her autographed pic to me all the way from Minneapolis(see pic above)
She’s is the Scream Queen of my generation since i’m so into horror films!!
Here’s hoping i can visit her and take a pic with her soon!! Oh yeah the picture shows her stroking a gun or
is that a phallic symbol i wonder…lol….No matter what she’s still a gorgeous lady.

You can learn more about her by going to her IMDB site:
More Info On Rachel Grubb

She’s a nice conversationalist and such a nice actress…:)
Wish me luch, i hope to visit Minneapolis and take a pic with her in the future!!

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