Hot Actress # 35 – SUSANNE WUEST : Euro Hottie



Here’s another extremely kind actress from Europe who i adore greatly. Porcelain skinned Austrian babe Susanne Wuest is not just an established talent, she’s also caring and warm hearted. As you can see, i was pleasantly surprised when she sent not 1 but 2 autographed pics specially for me…:) Possessing flawless skin and a divine face, she’s a joy to watch on the big screen. The stark and compelling drama ‘Antares’ gave her international fame whereby she excelled in her role as a supermarket checkout girl looking for love in all the wrong places. Visit the SUSANNE WUEST OFFICIAL SITE to learn more about the adorable and accomplished actress.

Be entertained by the always breathaking Susanne in her SHOW REEL ON YOUTUBE showcasing her hit movies! Hi Susanne…pls comment on my blog…….i’m amazed by your generosity and beauty…:)

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