Tribute To Jana Kaderabkova from the movie “Hostel”



I was extremely lucky to have met the blonde sexpot Jana Kaderabkova from the tortureporn that is “Hostel”. This Czech beauty will always be remembered for the hot spa scene in the gory movie but even though that’s her only starring role, she’s actually a famous model in Europe and has been modelling for more than 10 years!

The one thing that i won’t soon forget is being kissed by her not once but 3 times in one night…hehe…..score! What i love about her is despite being a statuesque blonde bombshell she was so gracious, level-headed and funny when i was chatting with her right here in Singapore….:) She spilled the beans on the making of “Hostel”, being nude for her role, her co-stars and even the fun she had on set.

I’m doing this article for Jana, a special friend indeed in my heart and i hope more people will realise how remarkable she is not just as an actor/model but as a person as well……..i’ve included a video tribute for her which includes pics of me and Jana! She’s got my undeniable vote for Euro Hottie.

Hi Jana…..hope you love what i wrote about you… are the coolest and thanks for having me as your fan and friend! Pls feel free to leave comments about my blog….:)

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