Hot Actress # 37 – CAROLINE AMIGUET : Euro Hottie



Finishing with a bang is French/Swiss goddess Caroline Amiguet who is both a stunning fashion model and actress. This blonde is a knockout in comedies, dramas and sci-fi features and has an alluring French accent. Go and check out all the juicy news, pics and videos at the CAROLINE AMIGUET OFFICIAL SITE right now!

Here is the link to the 48Hour Film Project called Le Meurtre d’Amos (The Murder Of Amos) which Caroline was a part of! Watch this short film to see stunning ladies off each other on a boat until only one is left standing…:) That’s my fantasy alright and who wouldn’t want to see gorgeous women get down and dirty.

Caroline’s also slated to appear in 2 new movies which i’m sure will make her a shining star in Hollywood!
Here’s her extensive resume at IMDB: MORE INFO ON CAROLINE AMIGUET

Watch out for SCREAM QUEENS GALORE starting this MONDAY as i reveal the most beautiful and sensuous women in horror today!

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