Hot Actress # 36 – CLAIRE ROSS-BROWN : Euro Hottie



To end my EURO HOTTIE week, i will showcase 2 more hot European ladies who have made a huge impact in entertainment. First off is Claire Ross-Brown who despite her English background is one of the top actresses in Denmark. Don’t miss the delectably sexy Claire in the sizzling music video ‘Assassin’ available at the CLAIRE ROSS-BROWN OFFICIAL SITE. Ahh…..women can be so seductive when wielding a weapon in their hands! Also be sure to check out her red-hot pics as she shows off her lusciously, athlectic toned body.

Having released her first debut album called “Complexity” , she’s about to take the music industry by storm. Take a listen to her angelic voice on ITUNES and sample her electro synth sounds. Effectively bilingual in English and Danish and illuminating film, television and music, Claire is blazing a trail to stardom.

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