MICHELLE MOLINEUX was part of a trio of alluring blondes together with Rachel Miner and Mircea Monroe in the very first episode of horror anthology FEAR ITSELF. Check out the trailer for THE SACRIFICE, a tale of twisted vampirism and sexy sirens. I believed i spent one of the best 1 hour of my time watching it on DVD. The luscious Michelle is so bewitchingly gorgeous, her doll-like features remind me of fairy tale princesses. I loved it when she wore the US Revolution/Victorian-Era like frilly dress in THE SACRIFICE, there’s just something so innocent yet seductive enamating from it. She even gets to hack a guy with an ax……..SCREAM QUEEN in the making, you can put your money on that!

She was also one of the very first Canadian actress that i got to know via FACEBOOK. Should i now transplant myself to Canada or the US…….there’s just so many amazing hotties.

Take a listen to Michelle’s single “Just Say Go” at her MICHELLE MOLINEUX MYSPACE SITE, a R&B infused ditty showcasing her sweet vocals…:) I’ve just discovered that she’s a really great singer too…….Hey music labels when r u going to sign her up!

2 thoughts on “Hot Actress # 48 – MICHELLE MOLINEUX: CANADIAN VIXEN

  1. eres lo mas tierno que e contemplado en este maldito mundo de dolor nunca te droges o injieras alcol solo espero que no seas como lindsay lohan te conosere en esta vida o en la otra yo soy un amigo me despido linda adios.

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