Eye-catching brunette Tara Wilson has proven her star quality in popular serials such as ‘Smallville’ and ‘Supernatural’ and appeared alongside ASHTON KUTCHER in the ‘The Butterfly Effect’. Don’t miss her webcam striptease on her TARA WILSON DEMO REEL taken from the slacker comedy ‘Everything’s Gone Green’. She shows us a glimpse of her sexy side by revealing just enough so that we end up wanting more…:) Delivering compelling performances is her forte and i’ve become a true-blue Tara Wilson fan. I would like to proclaim right here right now that she’s an amazing lady with a innate talent to entertain.

She’s also been more than kind to me and i greatly appreciate receiving her beautiful autographed pic. Rest assured, Tara is well on her way to being a household name in the film industry. Actually my aunt lives in Vancouver….maybe i will get to meet Tara in person in the not too distant future…:)

Learn more about her at IMDB: MORE INFO ON TARA WILSON.

Hi Tara….pls leave comments on my blog and i hope you like being featured..:)

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