There can be no doubts that actress/model SIMA FISHER is an enticing blonde bombshell! Now you can also add dance diva to her long list of accolades. Watch her sexy music vid ‘Give A Little Love’ and show her your LOVE…come on now, don’t be shy! This Canadian hottie deserves your support. I urge you not to miss the other hot vid ‘Set Me Free’ at her SIMA FISHER MYSPACE SITE where she parades in both her skimpy undies and bikini…:) If you’ve got the body, why not flaunt it is what i say!

Her flawless figure and beauty led to her wining Miss Toronto 2006 but this lady is more than just skin deep. If you don’t already know by now, Sima’s also a fabulous painter, dancer and poet. Get your fix of her sizzling pics, audio clips,videos and more at the SIMA FISHER OFFICIAL SITE. I’ve seen some of her artwork and it’s pretty cool the countless creative work she’s achieved…AN INSPIRATION TO ME.

Fans can also check her out at IMDB: MORE INFO ON SIMA FISHER. Oh yeah i just realised she lived in Australia for a period of time where i also was for 3 years….so we have something in common…sweet!

Hi Sima…hope you like my shameless SIMA FISHER promotion…lol…love to hear what what you think..:)




Ellen Dubin bears all the hallmarks of a drama thespian: she exudes poise and personality with every role she tackles. I have to admit she’s remarkably attractive and voluptuous too! (i managed to find a sexy pic of hers after trawling the net….hehe)

Visit the ELLEN DUBIN OFFICIAL SITE now and discover one of the top talents in Canada right now. She’s also a genius at comedy with a role as a flight attendant in ‘Boeing Boeing’ getting tons of positive feedback.

Do not miss the ELLEN DUBIN REEL and also the Canadian hottie’s COMIC REEL. It’s time to sit up and take notice of her because she brings depth to really intense performances. Also her kind-heartedness and magnanimity are endearing and make Ellen one of my favourite actresses…:) I absolutely love chatting with her on FACEBOOK!

Ellen’s extensive resume is available at IMDB: MORE INFO ON ELLEN DUBIN. The sheer number of movies she’s acted in is mind-blowing to say the least.

Hi Ellen….hope you love being featured on my blog and keep up the great work! Love to hear your comments…:)