Ellen Dubin bears all the hallmarks of a drama thespian: she exudes poise and personality with every role she tackles. I have to admit she’s remarkably attractive and voluptuous too! (i managed to find a sexy pic of hers after trawling the net….hehe)

Visit the ELLEN DUBIN OFFICIAL SITE now and discover one of the top talents in Canada right now. She’s also a genius at comedy with a role as a flight attendant in ‘Boeing Boeing’ getting tons of positive feedback.

Do not miss the ELLEN DUBIN REEL and also the Canadian hottie’s COMIC REEL. It’s time to sit up and take notice of her because she brings depth to really intense performances. Also her kind-heartedness and magnanimity are endearing and make Ellen one of my favourite actresses…:) I absolutely love chatting with her on FACEBOOK!

Ellen’s extensive resume is available at IMDB: MORE INFO ON ELLEN DUBIN. The sheer number of movies she’s acted in is mind-blowing to say the least.

Hi Ellen….hope you love being featured on my blog and keep up the great work! Love to hear your comments…:)

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