Named as one of the hottest girls on FACEBOOK by, sultry actress/model TALIA RUSSO has cemented her status as a ‘SEXY ENTERTAINER’. Watch VOLUPTUOUS TALIA as she reveals how she was chosen as a FACEBOOK HOTTIE whilst clad in rather revealing clothes….this video is too hot for words..:). There’s still plenty more of this Canadian doll at the TALIA RUSSO YOUTUBE CHANNEL where one can watch her sensuous modelling shoots. She’s 100% babelicious in the slinky red dress and blessed with the most coveted figure! If EVE managed to seduce ADAM, then i’m pretty sure TALIA would easily tempt us to be her followers….come on, you know you want to…:) She’s already made a huge impact in the online space and it’s only a matter of time before she conquers the film world too…:)

If all that doesn’t whet your appetite, then check out her MYSPACE SITE for mouthwatering pics of TALIA! From head to toe, TALIA is perfection personified and should be bestowed as this generation’s SEX GODDESS. All that boils down to is i have to save some cash quickly and fly to Toronto to meet her.

Take A Peek at her resume at IMDB: MORE INFO ON TALIA RUSSO.

Hi Talia…thanks for having me as fan…..i’m spotlighting you on my blog…..let me know what you think…:)

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