Actress/hostess AMY MOTTA is just so delectable! With her always immaculately groomed hair and luscious bluish eyes, i would like her to be christened ‘SUPERMODEL’. As the popular Roxette number goes “She’s Got The Look”. If you still aren’t swayed by words, then check out her lovely PHOTOSHOOT! She’s so glamourous i had to put more pics of her….hehe….including the autographed pic that she so kindly sent (that’s an instant classic)! I know i’ve said it before but to reiterate my point; Actresses can be the kindest people on the planet and they do a phenomenal job at keeping us fans entertained for hours on end.

I especially loved Amy’s performances in the hit shows ‘Las Vegas’ and the ‘The Starter Wife’…:) She’s without question a Scene-Stealer and a TV Temptress! Now i can’t wait for her Official Website to be completed so i get a peek at her reel…..i’m sure that one will be a hit.

Amy Motta is a star and she’s at IMDB: MORE INFO ON AMY MOTTA.

Hi Amy…Thanks for having me as a fan…i’m truly honored….pls give me some comments on my feature of you..:)

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