Hot Actress # 71 – SARAH BRENDECKE : Sexy Siren from the film ‘Brain Dead’

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SARAH BRENDECKE is an enigmatic well-endowed leading lady with drop-dead gorgeous looks! Her hourglass figure should easily make men weak at the knees and proves she’s a definite 10 on the desirability scale. Her appearance in the R-rated Zombiefest ‘Brain Dead’ (Don’t miss the splatter-filled trailer above) is bound to set off wildfires somewhere out there…hehe. Part of a trio of babes including Michelle Tomlinson and Tess Mcvicker (i’m doing articles on these beauties soon), Sarah and co are a sensory overload of Vixens. I have to admit that Sarah looks extremely attractive on the big screen and on print, having done a photo spread in MAXIM MAGAZINE! IS CUTE THE NEW SEXY….that’s open to debate but i’m pretty sure Sarah has all the star qualities and more…

Watch her fabulous reel at the one and only SARAH BRENDECKE OFFICIAL WEBSITE. I especially love her voice…so cute and bubbly, it’s simply irresistable. Plus she has that innocent yet seductive sparkle in her eyes that’s super appealing. You will be drawn to the vivacious beauty like bees to honey….and that’s a guarantee! Do not miss Behind The Scenes Gallery on the ‘Brain Dead’ set with shots of Sarah in acting mode….Scream Queen Hottie Alert! (Intensely wishing i was on that very set)

Look out for her at IMDB: MORE INFO ON SARAH BRENDECKE. She has appeared in ‘Dexter’ and ‘Leverage’…add TV Temptress to her flourishing career!

2 thoughts on “Hot Actress # 71 – SARAH BRENDECKE : Sexy Siren from the film ‘Brain Dead’

  1. Sarah Grant Brendecke is a breath of fresh air in this day and age of actresses that have such a false aura and “made-up” look about them. Her healthy buxom hourglass figure is among her finer attributes along with her fair skin and fiery red hair, but what really sells me is her eyes. Those bewitching expressive blue eyes are able to convey and emote so much more than words ever could. All of these things combined make her simply irresistible and has further demonstrated why I just adore redheads in general. She just has such a natural unassuming way about her and a unique accessibility that not many actresses (or actors, for that matter) are able to pull off. I wish Sarah Grant Brendecke all the best for all of her future endeavors. Keep up the good work!

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