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With a double dose of horror features ‘RED VELVET’ and ‘STAUNTON HILL’ incoming, smokin’ cutie CRISTEN COPPEN is on the fast track to stardom. Saucy and super sweet, Cristen brings a whole lotta sassiness into each of the characters she plays. Watch Behind-the-scenes of ‘Red Velvet’ (above) and acknowledge that she’s a definite charmer. A truly charismatic actress, her come-hither smile should get you infatuated in no time at all. Encompassing her profound attractiveness is of course her flawlessly toned body, a sight to behold that i’m sure…hehe. And i also find her well-groomed curly hair-do just so irresistable (not taking away that the fact that she looks just as delicious with straight hair…hehe). If ‘CUTE IS THE NEW SEXY’, then Cristen Coppen overwhelmingly fits the bill..:)

Definitely one of the friendliest actresses i know, this article serves as a special shout-out to mega-adorable Cristen. I love you Cristen…..hope you write some comments on my blog….it’s a real pleasure being your fan..:)

See her resume at IMDB: More info on CRISTEN COPPEN.

2 thoughts on “Hot Actress # 83 – CRISTEN COPPEN: SCREAM QUEEN

  1. Haren thank you so much for the sweet blog entry your the best and its a pleasure having you as a fan. I look forward to reading more of your entries and lets just hope mama can keep working so there is more films for you to see! Keep sharing your creativity and sweet soul with us all,

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