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KRISTEN QUINTRALL lights up the screen in ways more than i can count. A hugely creative person by nature, Kristen strives to provide us with the highest entertainment value. Her drop-dead gorgeous looks would make anybody go wild for her and her reel(above) is a testament to her exceptional flair for the performing arts. Stylishly photogenic, this elegant lady should be gracing the red carpet more often i reckon. She possesses the unmistakable aura that screams beauty with a purpose and affirms that people can be beautiful on the outside and inside…:) I’m so glad she’s so friendly towards fans like me….this generation’s most likable actress!

I recommend visiting the wonderful KRISTEN QUINTRALL MYPACE SITE, if you need generous helpings of the foxy blonde, and If you didn’t know by now, some of the clips were edited by none other than Kristen! Conversant in all aspects of media, Kristen is one accomplished personality….wow wish i could have her awesomely rad skills….:) Her bubbly disposition and intelligence are major turn-ons….i can’t take my eyes off cute blondes….hehe. I would fork out my hard-earned cash to see her in a magazine spread and harbour high hopes that she will promote her movies in Asia!

Super attractive Kristen can be found at IMDB: More info on KRISTEN QUINTRALL. Don’t miss Kristen in “Wolvesbayne”, a new take on the ‘werewolves vs vampires’ mythology.

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